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CELLweaver SuperCharged prepares superyachts for 5G

CELLweaver’s next generation aggregator provides a futureproofed, high-performing internet connection…

Founded in 2015, CELLweaver’s one-of-a-kind technology allows superyachts to achieve a secure, reliable and high-bandwidth internet connection on board by aggregating multiple mobile network signals. Available to order now, the company’s next-generation aggregator – the CELLweaver SuperCharged – provides an even more powerful solution that is futureproofed for the advent of 5G, enabling everyone relying on it to keep up with the ever-increasing bandwidth demand of applications such as social media and streaming services.

“To get our clients ready for 5G, the next generation of CELLweaver is designed to be a straightforward replacement for their existing units,” explains Wilko Darger, CEO of CELLweaver. “This features a different antenna layout, different hardware design and different software for the ETO to control the unit, but from a user perspective there is little difference.”

As well as ensuring clients are 5G-ready, which will be most relevant for yachts when in port, the CELLweaver SuperCharged is also futureproofed for the continuous developments happening on the 4G spectrum, where more frequency bands with further reach are being added. “Our focus is to combine resilience, high performance, cyber security and operational range so that clients can have coverage as far off the coast as possible,” adds Darger.

CELLweaver also offers bolt-on amplifiers, which triple the range and improve bandwidth and connection quality. For larger yachts, multiple CELLweaver SuperCharged units can be stacked to create an even higher bandwidth on board. This increased bandwidth can then be managed more flexibly in the yacht’s firewall so that different percentages of the bandwidth can be allocated to owners, guests and crew, depending on priority.

Alongside the hardware, CELLweaver also provides a fully-managed service to its clients. This includes providing a dedicated counterpart unit on shore, in addition to the unit on board, between which aggregation is achieved. “The other element of the service package that CELLweaver provides is the SIM cards,” says Darger. “The SIM cards do not run out of data and most do not need to be replaced when the yacht changes location. In areas where there are special requirements, CELLweaver ensures its clients have the appropriate SIM cards for the itinerary.”

CELLweaver’s managed service also provides a secure and encrypted connection. Using a proprietary technology, data is split in unpredictable asynchronous combinations between four connections, with each connection highly encrypted. That way, CELLweaver ensures unparalleled cyber security for its users.

Furthermore, clients can choose a country-specific public dedicated IP address to be assigned to their CELLweaver unit. A comparable solution to the more commonly known VPN, the internet connection can then be used to enable the AV/IT systems on board access particular media services only available in a certain country, such as BBC iPlayer or a Netflix account in the UK, no matter where the yacht might actually be located.

Another benefit of CELLweaver’s innovative managed service is the company’s overview of all connected systems on board. “While our managed service focuses on supporting our clients with CELLweaver services, our team also has experience working with AV/IT systems,” says Darger. “So, we often help clients with the other software or systems they have on board, which is particularly helpful for yachts that don’t have a dedicated ETO.”

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CELLweaver SuperCharged prepares superyachts for 5G


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