Young designers have been experimenting with some of the latest products and technology in the Bolidt laboratory. Taking a proactive approach with the next generation of designers, Bolidt and Esthec have been inviting young designers to their headquarters for creative and experimental sessions, what they call the ‘Bolidream’ experience. It gives attendees an opportunity to experience the possibilities of synthetic products and immerse themselves in the latest materials and concepts from both brands.

“It is vitally important that we engage with up-and-coming talent in the industry,” explains Jacco van Overbeek, director Maritime Division at Bolidt. “This allows us to get valuable insights on the future direction of superyacht design as seen by the new generation of specialist naval architects and interior designers, so we can respond accordingly. It also gives Bolidt and Esthec a chance to inspire and encourage emerging designers and make sure they are fully aware of the capabilities of some of our exciting new products for superyacht decks and spaces.” 

On a recent visit, the designers were particular inspired by new technologies such as the Esthec Sensor Deck, which allows any step made on a yacht to be detected, with positive implications for safety, security and energy efficiency, and Bolideck Glow, which allows any image or pattern to be integrated into the deck; glowing in the dark, the system simply collects energy from the sun in the day and lights up at night. 

"Sustainability is very important today and these products have a significant role to play in delivering environmental objectives for superyacht designers.”

For one of the designers in attendance, Nicolò Piredda, the biggest challenge in designing superyachts is staying one step ahead in the market and, according to him, the Bolidream experience has helped with this. “Doing the same is normal,” he comments. “But what is difficult is doing something different that will be appreciated by everybody for years to come. From visiting the Bolidt factory I have got some new ideas about using products and enhancing them to make that difference.” 

For Aristotelis Betsis, another young designer in the group, such experiences are essential for the future of yacht design. “I took inspiration from new materials and the scope for integrating them with others,” he reflects. “You must not forget that the whole yacht is the final result, and that it has to be beautiful not just in the moment, but for the long term as well. The future of superyacht design is about new functionalities and new aesthetics – things that Bolidt and Esthec excel in...Sustainability is [also] very important today and these products have a significant role to play in delivering environmental objectives for superyacht designers.” 

The presentations made to the new generation of designers focus heavily on sustainability and environmental protection, with Bolideck and Esthec systems offering a more eco-friendly alternative to the more traditional superyacht flooring materials. Combine this with the automated and intelligent technology also being integrated into some products, Bolidt and Esthec certainly have qualities that will appeal to the next generation of designers seeking unique and progressive solutions.


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