Building on their expertise in composite structures, composite yacht construction specialists BMComposites has launched sister company, 3DTech.

The innovative venture will focus on providing a design and engineering service not previously available in Palma, offering custom design, structural engineering, 3D scanning, 3D rendering, 3D printing, CNC machining of metal and composite mouldings, and prototyping.

With the company’s experience in practical design, combined with engineers trained in the latest manufacturing techniques, 3DTech intends to establish Palma at the forefront of superyacht technology.

Managing director Mark Branagh explains that the company will not only benefit BMComposites and its clients, but also local companies that can use the technology to further their own capabilities and improve efficiency.

“3DTech aims to create, design and deliver the highest quality products and components to all sectors of the superyacht industry, which opens the way for new designs and techniques that may previously have been deemed too expensive or impossible,” explains Branagh.

“Furthermore, with 3D modeling software the client can see designs, mock-ups or exact scale models before agreeing on the final version. This enables far more involvement in the design process and ensures clients get exactly what they want.”

The launch of 3DTech is exciting news for clients and companies based in Palma, and another signal of the island’s continuing momentum as a centre of technological innovation.


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