Sailing instrument specialist A+T Instruments has launched its new ATP1 processor to complement the company’s established range of instruments and displays for superyachts and 'Grand Prix' race yachts. The new product is aimed at the refit market, allowing yachts with B&G H2000 and H3000 systems to upgrade processors while keeping existing wiring, displays and sensors.

This is a big selling point, as it means there is no need for yachts to fit a completely new system if only one or more displays have failed and any mixture of legacy B&G and new A+T replacement displays can be supported and then changed over time. The company has reported high initial interest from larger sailing yachts, where high specification and service is required and the cost of a complete ‘take out and start again’ would be prohibitive. 

Now in its third year of operation, A+T has been well received by the large sailing yacht market, crucially for offering choice in a sector that was previously dominated by one major player. The demand for greater choice in the sailing instruments market is evident: at the 2017 St Barths Bucket, over a third of entries feature some A+T equipment on board. 

A development of the ATP1 processor is also underway for the new build market and 2018 will see a Grand Prix version released with higher level performance and enhanced sensors. The company also provide spares, repairs and replacements for all existing B&G instrument systems.

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