The marine industry is full of innovation in technology and design and this year has seen some exciting new products come onto the market. While it is difficult to single only a few examples out, we chose a few that have caught our eye and think any superyacht should have on their Christmas list this year.

GZ Nautic’s radial gangway

Where design meets function: this innovative gangway was recognised at the DAME Awards and has a design intended to change habits. Closed, it acts as a pouf or coffee table and open, it is a functional and stylish gangway.

A standard passerelle tends to have a cassette, which can intrude on cabin and garage space, whereas a radial gangway rotates from its own base, and therefore does not compromise on internal space or stule.

Lumishore’s EOS Series colour-changing underwater lighting system

Colour changing underwater LED lights are a hot trend in the superyacht industry. Lumishore’s EOS Series offers easy control for underwater LED lighting, with multiple preset and customizable colour modes. It also allows sound-to-light intergration with the EOS controller or iPhone. 

Ecoworks Marine cleaning products

Ecoworks Marine is a biological company producing a wide range of MARPOL compliant, environmental conscientious products for a range of applications on board.

Of the many products, superyacht crew have reported its laundry liquid, washroom and heads cleaner, washing-up liquid, natural sanitizer and multi-surface cleaner are all effective in producing fantastic results, while also benefitting the environment and giving crew peace of mind in that respect.

The ultimate advantage of using Ecoworks Marine products is that they are environmentally friendly, really work and conform to MARPOL regulations.

Harken’s Lokhead

Harken's portable LokHead winch presents an interesting proposition for superyachts, either as an alternative for gear-lugging and man-overboard applications or as a davit-based launch and recovery solution

Originally developed for land-based applications through Harken’s Industrial division, the LokHead winch offers a line weight capacity of 500kg, or 240kg for human lifting/lowering. Offered either as a standalone winch that can be mounted on a fixed structure or davit, or as part of a handy portable kit that enables it to be used in a variety of applications, the LokHead winch features a specially designed head unit that offers total control over the line.

The LokHead takes a line around the winch drum in conventional manner, then a self-tailor feeder leads the line into the locking head mechanism. To release the line, a twist of the spring-loaded knob at the top of the winch allows for either a very measured and carefully controlled descent/release or, by opening the jaws wider, for a much faster run-out – similar to the control a windlass offers over the anchor chain.

Nautibuoy’s multifunctional platforms

While not necessarily a new product, it is safe to say that Nautibuoy’s platforms have been taking the superyacht industry by storm since their release in 2015. Their platforms can be single-handedly inflated and launched in less than five minutes, providing easy access to the waterline and allowing crew to work more effectively. Gone are the days of having to detail the tender after a full topside wash down.

The platforms can also switch easily from crew to guest use – having the ability to transform from a solid maintenance tool into a guest ready leisure platform.


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