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Yachts naturally reside in places with warmer temperatures, and with hot weather comes additional UV exposure. Over time, salt water will seep into the gelcoat and once hit by UV rays, can heat up to boiling point. It’s this super-heated salt water that burns the gelcoat, causing an unsightly dulling & yellowing effect that all yachts suffer from eventually, depending on the quality of the gelcoat.

Being a porous substrate, gelcoat is also susceptible to staining near exhaust outlets as the fumes and hot carbon particles ingrain themselves into the gelcoat’s micro-pores.

Previously, the only way to repair the damaged paint would be through extensive polishing works or a new gelcoat, both of which can rack up a pretty sizeable bill. However, gelcoat protection technology has advanced in recent years and is able to completely abolish the need to reapply gelcoat to vessels.

An application of ceramic creates an ultra-slick, hydrophobic and non-porous shield over porous substrates like gelcoat, metal, GRP, wood & glass through which water and other contaminants cannot penetrate, meaning they simply wipe off. 

When choosing a ceramic coating for yachts, it’s vital to ensure the coating contains a UV additive capable of withstanding the harsh sunny conditions observed out at sea. If this vital ingredient is overlooked, the coating is in danger of drying out and cracking within the first few months of application.

PolyZane Protect (PZP) is trusted by superyacht owners around the world to shield some of their most valuable assets against the elements and general wear & tear. We’re often called to attend yachts that have been coated with competitor products that either have not been applied correctly, or the product simply does not match the marketed claims leaving a messy superstructure and a disgruntled crew & owner.

We have qualified and vetted contractors strategically placed all over the globe that allow us to offer full polishing, preparing and application solutions to vessels worldwide.

Unlike other ceramic coatings, PZP is able to be removed easily without harming the surface below. We are therefore able to offer lifetime protection schemes that align with scheduled maintenance slots, reducing downtime which further reduces costs.

If you’re looking to save money on the cleaning and maintenance of your yacht, get in touch with our marine team at:

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