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What a fantastic evening we all had at the Superyacht Poker Tournament in Palma, and our very own colleague came out as champion of the evening! 
Hosted by Estela Shipping, this is the third event and includes a very popular Texas Hold-em tournament for all yacht crew at Palma Casino. 
Bluewater sponsored the event, and felt it our duty to fully support the event staying until 4am, leaving with big smiles and a pocket full of winnings, ha! Although most of us were also out of pocket and managed to stop short of pawning jewellery to keep was all for such a fantastic cause though.

Take a look at my poker face....
Said our training coordinator Sophie she scooped up her €1000 first prize winnings! Well done Sophie, lunch on you please. She told us this was her first time gullible are we, did we just get hussled!?  No, Sophie is far too lovely to do that!  

Thankfully there were no sore losers as the evening was held for a very special gentleman.
Local Skipper, Xisco Prieto
The evening is usually held to support Yacht Aid Global who need funds to continue their work in disaster relief, recovery and rebuild, bringing humanitarian aid to coastal communities in need. 
However, as many of you will have read, Xisco Prieto, the Mallorcan skipper, is currently in a coma in hospital in San Remo, after being attacked on his way back to the boat on 23 September. His insurance won’t cover the cost of his repatriation to Mallorca, so Xisco’s family is fundraising to get him home.

Captain Tim Forderer of Yacht Aid Global heard about the local cause and immediately offered to donate all charitable proceeds towards Xisco’s repatriation.

This is incredibly generous and everyone would like to thank Tim and Yacht Aid Global for this act of kindness.

If you were unable to join the worthwhile fundraising event, please every penny is still needed and you can donate towards Xisco’s flight here, you can also donate to Yacht Aid Global here.

Thanks again to Yacht Aid Global for their generosity of spirit, and our thoughts remain with Xisco and his family.
Feel free to pop by the Palma office if we can help you with any crew,  training, brokerage or charter requirements, or if you want to ask Sophie for a loan before she heads back to the Casino to double her winnings.

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