- Press Releases - Heads of industry attend the GUEST Awareness day following GSF.

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Heads of industry attend the GUEST Awareness day following GSF.

Guidelines for Unified Excellence in Service Training. “The hospitality and hotel function of all yachts is the cornerstone of the Owner and Guests’ experience on board. It is essential that interior crew are capable of delivering a profession…

Image forHeads of industry attend the GUEST Awareness day following GSF.

Guidelines for Unified Excellence in Service Training. 

 “The hospitality and hotel function of all yachts is the cornerstone of the Owner and Guests’ experience on board. It is essential that interior crew are capable of delivering a professional first class service”

Just one of the 32 positive summary statements we received following another brilliantly successful GUEST Awareness day at the Miele Experience Center in Vianen, The Netherlands.

These proactive Awareness days have two-fold benefits:

From the feedback we get it is crystal clear how vital it is for the leaders of our sector to understand fully the impact that this training has for now and for the future of the sector; its just as crucial for the GUEST program to encourage interaction with those who represent the needs of Owners and Charter Guests, so that GUEST can continuously evolve and develop in alignment with industry trends and demands.

The day began with the attending Heads of Industry enjoying a welcome coffee during an introduction to the ensuing events given by Joey Meen, Director of Training and Certification for PYA and the driving force behind GUEST.  Wim Zwartkruis, Marketing Manager of Miele Professional also warmly welcomed everyone to the Miele centre and confirmed the open support and collaboration Miele is giving to the GUEST program.

The GUEST approved trainers included, Peter Vogel (IYS), Alison Rentoul (IYS) and Lynne Edwards (The Crew Academy) who headed the sessions throughout the day. 

Peter, along with the Miele trainers and supporting Trainer Angelique Beseling, took their group through the intricacies of the Laundry department (Part of the GUEST Advanced Laundry Service Module) with practical demonstrations and audience participation. These hands-on sessions highlighted how easily lack of training and knowledge can lead to maintenance and equipment issues. “It’s more often than not operator-error rather than a problem with the equipment when we are called out to deal with an on board maintenance issue” says Wim, “We believe that by supporting the GUEST program, we are able to better train crew on how to take care of and understand the maintenance processes to get the best out of our products and resulting in less call out issues” Margarta Aman from ISM-Crystal stated that she found “the Laundry session the most interesting due the amount of knowledge required with both care and use of the equipment, but also the impact of products and chemicals used”.

At the Miele Steam Theater, Lynne and her team demonstrated some of the topics covered in the “3- day GUEST Introduction” course. Aimed at entry level crew, this “snap shot” session covered Etiquette, Personal Presentation, Food Safety, Communication, Dealing with Guests, Drugs and Alcohol challenges, Understanding of Cultural Differences and discussions from many issues arising from the audience. The trainers presented this session with some humorous scenarios played out by the supporting Trainers Alison Rentoul and Brenda Damphousse. Followed by audience discussions focusing on the very real issues with which the crew have to deal with on-board. It was agreed by the audiences of both sessions that this training and the awareness it brings greatly benefits not just the interior department – but would be beneficial ALL junior crew joining yachting.

With an exclusive lunch provided by NEKO and partners (Nice to Meat, Schmidt Zeevis and Rungis) the participates were treated to practical demonstrations from the Miele Chefs on some of the skills taught at the Advanced level of the GUEST program, including Filleting, Carving and Flambé work. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed savouring the delicious array of high quality, ethically-sourced food produced by our talented chefs of the day. Lunch was rounded off with a shared discussion of the mission of GUEST and the future vision for training and crew development throughout the yachting industry and the wider world of luxury hospitality.

The afternoon saw the groups’ activities led again by Peter and Lynne on the subjects of Service Styles and Table Laying. These were two of the most popular sessions, as participants learnt about Silver Service techniques and Synchronised American Service, amongst others. Hilarity reigned as everyone happily participated and most agreed it looks easier than it is to get it perfectly right (as we would expect it to be performed on board). “It’s amazing how little most Captains and crew truly understand about Seven Star service” said one Captain “…until you really understand and see the levels we should be aspiring to (by having a go)”

“it’s now become clear that the GUEST program provides the much-needed training to place the yachting sector on the same levels as Michelin-rated restaurants – as it should be”, said Duncan Biggs (Chef and Ships Cook Assessor).

The eye for detail taught (part of the Advanced Service Module 1 course) during the Table Laying session, demonstrated the enormous contrast between a mediocrely-laid table and one laid with the necessary precision and symmetry of a perfect professionally-laid table. This session provided lots of fun to various heads of our sector during their subsequent hands-on experience used to demonstrate their own creative flare and eye for detail.  We enjoyed some very amusing interpretations – however everyone agreed that ALL interior crew should have the ability to reach this level of perfection. “I am so much more aware of what is required from our crew, the training was excellent and very useful.  These (service) skills are universal and can be used in any high-end hospitality industry”. Sari Winckworth (from The Winckworth Collection)

Alison Rentoul (IYS GUEST Leadership Trainer) ended the day’s sessions by highlighting the importance of Leadership training in general. As part of the GUEST Leadership course, Alison’s insightful and popular session took the participants through one element of the leadership processes taught to gain the best from teams and individuals by applying the right leadership style at the right stages of each individual’s developmentAgreeing that this training is an essential part of interior management, the feedback from the session was extremely positive, with many participants stating they could relate to the issues raised and could see the advantages of the training for all disciplines in any work place.  “The yachting industry lacks good leaders, and through the GUEST initiative (Leadership training) I hope to see it as compulsory (training) for the crew”.  Says Katrina Poljak from Bom Dia . 


The fascinating insight into the world of GUEST came to a conclusion at the ROC Amsterdam School’s “Brasserie ROCKS” where we enjoyed the hospitality skills of the “Service students” who demonstrated an assortment of lip-smackingly good cocktails (perhaps a little too good for some!) and the cooking skills of the “Trainee chefs” who supplied us with delicious, hearty canapés. The school is the first of many we hope to include in the GUEST program as an initiative to reach out to young people who are already interested in and training towards a hospitality career. By offering the colleges the GUEST training as part of their internship, we can guide and train those who would be suited towards a future in yachting. We hope that this will go some way to ensure that the future generations of our industry are coming with relevant training from the get go, so we, as a sector can become more professional in years to come.

A huge thank you to Lulu Trask, Editor of the The Crew Report for joining us, and to the Superyacht Group in general, who are active supporters to the GUEST program.

I wish to extend our grateful thanks to all those who gave up a day to join us – a huge testament to those professionals who clearly take the future of our sector seriously and understand the responsibility we all shoulder towards our front line crew. We thank you for your contributions and commend your integrity with assisting us in ensuring that the GUEST program is the future platform for professionals in the interior departments of the yachting sector and beyond.

A few more comments from the day:

“Everyone should benefit and enjoy professional training”

“I am happy to see that the top of the industry is finally realizing the importance of interior training”

“Well organized and professional day”

“GUEST is the program and standard by which all interior crew should train”

”I will certainly be spreading the word about the relevance of the GUEST program”

” A well plotted pathway for all interior crew to learn a seven star service”

“Great fun day – trainers have full understanding of the job! Amazing venue and lunch too – thank you”

“A testimony to the raising awareness of the importance of having properly trained crew. The passion of the trainers is tangible and I hope interior crew realize just how much they can learn”

“A great initiative that will lift the standards across the industry”

“This was a truly fantastic experience, very informative and loved every minute of it”.

“I strongly believe in the vision of the PYA GUEST program and we are ready to help from our side”

“Had a great day – very informative thank you”.

“I am proud to be part of this program”

“The GUEST program is the way to go to get the level of excellence needed for the superyachts”

“Crew need to get courses and certificates through proper training”

“I am a big believer in the GUEST program from the start. We need more professional and commitment in the interior departments”

“”Fantastic program, this is what the industry needs”

“The GUEST Program is the clearest most defined set of training modules crafted by professionals who inspire greatness in all their students”

“Yachting industry needs this”

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