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By Pollaro

Pollaro 28th Anniversary

Today we celebrate the completion of our 28th year in business. Pollaro Custom Furniture began on August 2, 1988. My vision remains the same today as it was in the beginning: To source the finest materials on earth and to merge those materials with …

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Today we celebrate the completion of our 28th year in business. Pollaro Custom Furniture began on August 2, 1988. My vision remains the same today as it was in the beginning: To source the finest materials on earth and to merge those materials with unparalleled craftsmanship to create spectacular works of furniture art.

Over the past three decades we have been enthusiastically supported by a family of clients and designers all over the world. We feel very fortunate to be doing what we love to do every day.  What a gratifying way to spend 28 years! Some of your feelings about our work are conveyed in the quotes below.

"Pollaro makes the most intricate furniture that we know. Detailing is immaculate, the craftsmanship is top quality, and the materials amaze even us sometimes. Frank and his team set standards that we at Feadship also strive for. Let there be more and let us do more together!  Pollaro made in Holland Yes please." Henk de Vries, CEO, Feadship- Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw?

"Working with Frank is like a classic road trip. He'll encourage interesting diversions and distractions (and stops for refreshments), and he'll tolerate the most convoluted itinerary requirements from a capricious designer. A real adventure. But Frank knows the road and, somewhere in his back pocket he has a 4 dimensional map. His landscape is wood, stone, metal, and his knowledge of its topography, geology and history is encyclopaedic. Frank is the Magellan of furniture making, masquerading as Jack Kerouac..."  Simon Rowell, Bannenberg & Rowell

"If ever or whenever you need a personal referral, I would be totally forthright. You are simply the best." Charles Gwathmey, Gwathmey Siegel Associates

"It is my pleasure to recommend you highly to anyone and everyone." David Geffen, DreamWorks SKG

"I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who cares about having the finest." Sandy Weill, Former Chairman & CEO, Citigroup

"The yacht furniture is spectacular. Everyone loved the pieces ... all of them. I could not be happier." Larry Ellison, Chairman, Oracle

"I am obsessively bent on quality - to an unhealthy degree. It was this obsession that introduced me to Frank Pollaro, who embodies the same mad spirit of the craftsmen of yore, with their obsessive attention to detail." Brad Pitt,  Actor, Producer, Designer

"Frank, the table is gorgeous!!!" Jamie Drake, Drake Design Associates

"I am absolutely THRILLED with all of the pieces!!!.....The eggshell work is out of this world amazing!!  You and your team are masters of it all!!!  Thank you all, I am VERY happy!!!"  Suzanne Lovell, Suzanne Lovell, Inc.

"Wood is a natural material and you can never be entirely consistent, but the sunburst patters Pollaro achieved in the poker tables are unbelievable." Sander Sinot, Sinot Yacht Design

"In the workshop, organized along the same lines as Ruhlmann’s own, works in progress sit like butterflies in their chrysalises; here, at a small worktable, brass feet are being handmade one at a time, each as pure in form as a Brancusi." Jack Forster, Forbes Life

"Every piece of your furniture is perfect, there is only one problem, they make everything else in my home pale in comparison."  Matthew Barrett, Chairman, Barclays Bank, London

"Your work is amazing. I was completely taken by what you have accomplished. The overall impression was that it is some of the best work I have ever seen." James Chiavelli, Former Publisher, Fine Woodworking Magazine

"Every piece of furniture that you have made for our 2nd Floor at Tiffany & Co.s Fifth Avenue store is a real jewel.  How fortunate we were to meet you and work with you."  Robert Rufino, Former Vice President, Tiffany & Co.

"I believe your workmanship to be superb and your standards of excellence to be exacting..." Clive Davis, Former Chairman & CEO, BMG

"Your work is magnificent. We enjoy having your artistry in our home." Terry Semel, Former CEO, Yahoo

"The craftsmanship and attention to detail in the pieces is outstanding." Dana Messina, Former CEO, Steinway Musical Instruments

We look forward to another 28 years with your support!

Thank you, Frank Pollaro

Pollaro creates museum quality furniture, cabinetry and architectural woodwork for discerning clients, architects, and designers worldwide.  We have completed over 1000 projects for clients on five continents.  Some of our pieces include dining tables, buffets, chairs, cabinets, consoles, cocktail tables, beds, armoires, conference tables, paneled libraries, club chairs, and upholstered pieces.

Come visit us in the Parvis Piscine tent, QP58 at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Pollaro Custom Furniture, Inc.
480 Mundet Place
Hillside, NJ

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