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Are you part of the two per cent

Are you part of the 2% ? Stick with me. I know you're looking at that next button, ready to click. So far you are in a privileged group of 25% and I'm keen to know if you're one of the 2%. You see, so far you haven't skipped this post. Yet, 75% of ev…

Are you part of the 2% ?

Stick with me.

I know you're looking at that next button, ready to click.

So far you are in a privileged group of 25% and I'm keen to know if you're one of the 2%.

You see, so far you haven't skipped this post.

Yet, 75% of every post I publish, is skipped before even reading.

Click. There's another 5% gone after seeing the introduction and scanning the entire email for key words or images that would mean it didn't meet their expectations.

Click. Another 5% gone, because it's too slow to get to the point. It's a busy world out there and I've already taken at least 10 seconds and said nothing.

Click. Disengagement happens so quickly that it feels like everyone's brain must be filled with constant chatter and a desire for the next hit of interesting and valuable snippet of information before moving on to the next.

Click. So now we have the 2%. Thank you. You're special. To me. Because you have less going on in your head, you're cool, calm, and collected. You've been there and done that, and you've got no need to rush.

So now I need to get the tone right to engage you more. I'm Scottish. So if you've been hearing your own voice, or in an English or American accent, then you can slightly adjust it in your head to get a better sense of what I'm really saying. Aye, that's it.

Great. I'm Douglas, as you probably know, and if you had met me in person, then I know you'd like me. A shake of the hand, a smile, funny comment, quick chat and we'd almost be good friends in an instant.

With posts, you don't get that connection but hopefully I've made a difference today as you're still here and I promise I won't take up too much more of your time.

The reason for the engagement process is that this is an important email to me. I publish a new post about once a month to update potential clients, associates, referrers, other brokers, and colleagues. That's only 12 times I have to share the current possibilities and options in the market. Sure, I've got email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms to broadcast and communicate, but those avenues require other methods.

So here's the important bit for this month.

LomondYachts - New & Used Yachts

Heesen, Benetti, Ferretti Custom Line, Pearl are the best in the business and they send me their latest availability with pricing and brochures. Additionally, I work with a large number of brokers around the world to act on your behalf to source the yacht of your dreams. We also have the option to project manage the build of your own, from concept, design through to choosing a yard and delivering in a few years. I'm here to discuss these and any other new SuperYacht when you're ready to find out more.

LomondCharters - Yacht Chartering

We have 650 SuperYachts in our database at all levels of pricing and we can arrange a suitable week in the Caribbean or Mediterranean and a few other locations. I can quickly pull a shortlist in a few clicks and send a PDF for you to review. Very often we get discounts and deals from other brokers who list them in our social network, so please ask us and we'll share those.

LomondVillas - Exclusive Homes and Hotels

We've just taken on The Landau in Fulham to market under our Lomond Villas brand. These are amazing apartments in one of the best locations in London. They start at £850k for a one bedroom and I can send you details and pricing information if you're interested. Of course we still have a number of hotels working with our London property partner, and a floating casino hotel ship at the top end.

Air - Private Jets & Helicopters

A new area for us but equally exciting is the world of private jets and helicopters. We're off the ground with a Gulfstream Astra G100, a luxury VIP Embraer 1000e, and Airbus Helicopters in the portfolio.

LomondCars - Prestige Cars

We work with a trade dealer who has a catalogue of prestige cars which help you avoid the long wait for that special car. From Porsche Cayenne's, to Bentley's and Lamborghini's, there's a new opportunity every month.

Formula One

For clients who love their yachts, and their cars, the F1 in Monaco is the place to be and we can arrange great viewing opportunities and VIP events for you to watch it in style.

SuperYachters - Social Media Marketing

And finally, as this email also goes to other brokers, associates, startups and small business owners, we'd just like to mention the social media tools we launched last year to help reduce your effort and time on social media, boost the connection and extend your reach.

Thanks for listening and email or call me if you want to know more about anything I've said or just to say hello. Thanks for being one of the 2%.

Douglas McFarlane
CEO of Lomond Group

UK/Europe 0800 644 4229
US/Canada +1 800 292 3147


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