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Lumishore Introduces New EOS Integrated Color Change Surface Mount Lighting System

November 2nd, 2015 — London, UK and Sarasota, FL. Lumishore, the recognized leader in innovative, higher output underwater LED lights, introduces its new …

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November 2nd, 2015 — London, UK and Sarasota, FL. Lumishore, the recognized leader in innovative, higher output underwater LED lights, introduces its new Integrated Color Change Surface Mount Lighting System.

The DAME Award nominated lighting system consists of two new groundbreaking surface mount light models, four new user-friendly controller options, and a true plug-and-play connection hub creating an integrated underwater lighting system with unrivaled performance, unprecedented color control, and unmatched ease of installation.
The two new EOS light models, SMX92 and SMX152, boast an outstanding 4,000 fixture lumens and 6,400 fixture lumens respectively, doubling the brightness of Lumishore’s previous surface mount lights and outperforming all other color changing surface mount lights available today. Both models feature full spectrum color change (RGBW) yielding limitless color choice. Their compact and low-profile body design makes them a perfect fit on transoms and hull sides of nearly any type of boat up to 50’ (15M).

Installation couldn’t be easier and requires just a ½” (13.5mm) hole, DC power, and the plug-and-play Lumi-Hub. Gone are the networking hassles and light syncing issues common with other color changing underwater lighting. Simply connect the Lumi-Hub plug-and-play wiring system to your DC power source, plug in your lights along with your choice of four controller options, and installation is complete.

Controller options for the new lighting system include two new low-profile dash mounted EOS Mini Controllers (WiFi and non-WiFi models) with 1.5” (38mm) LCD display enabling intuitive, full function EOS color control and integrated capabilities not offered with any other surface mount lighting system. In addition to familiar features like Color Sweep, Random Strobe, and animated lighting effects, you can also easily create your own ‘Sound-to-Light’ entertainment system with your on-board sound system or smart phone/tablet by simply connecting your audio output to the EOS Mini Controller – it is that easy! Wow your guests by pulsing your underwater lights to the frequencies of the music in any color, color cycle, or oscillating pattern. Other available control options include the Lumi-Switch, a dash mounted Carling-style switch for quick and simple access to the commonly used EOS features such as Preset Colors, Color Cycle and Fixed Strobe (customer switch system may also be used), as well as Lumishore’s EOS Color Controller, a glass-bridge style controller with built-in WiFi and full-screen display for easy access to its click-and-play functions. Both the EOS Color Controller and the EOS Mini WiFi Controller provide second station operation of your lighting from anywhere on or off board using the Lumi App on your iPhone or iPad. Regardless of the type of controller you choose for your system, your lights remain synchronized.
In announcing the new lighting system CEO, Eifrion Evans, said “We are so delighted to bring Lumishore’s new EOS Surface Mount Lighting System to the market. Having pioneered color-change in the underwater lighting market, these new game-changing models bring unheard of functionality and brightness to the smaller boat market once only available to larger yachts - and at lower price points than competitor models.”

Key Features of Lumishore’s New EOS SMX92 & SMX152 Lights Include:

  • Full color-changing system (RGBW)
  • Unrivaled light output up to x8 the brightness of competing lights
  • Unrivaled price performance: brighter light output with greater functionality at half the price of competing lights
  • Synchronizing color change: the lights always stay in sync and do not need resetting, even with switch control - the first and the only surface mount color-change lights to do this
  • By far the brightest surface mount lights available on the market, across the whole range of the color spectrum, with a wide 90’ wide beam angle
  • Up to 8 high performance EOS SMX underwater lights fully synchronized on any control system
  • Full functionality through a broad range of control options and upgrades

Key Features of Lumishore’s New EOS Mini Controllers (with and without WiFi) Include:

  • 8 preset light colors (including rose, lime, and sky)
  • Exciting ‘Sound-to-Light’ mode
  • WiFi option with free Lumishore App
  • Synchronized lights (all colors, all modes, all groups)
  • Individual light control, individual light addressability
  • Multiple fish attraction variations
  • Color Cycles and Sweeps with speed adjustments
  • Fully integrated 2-way DMX
  • Automatic light discovery and installation
  • Light intensity adjustment (dimming capable)
  • Individual light diagnostic information

View the new integrating lighting system and meet the Lumishore team at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in the Yachting Tent Booth 633-634, November 5th to November 9th, 2015.


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