With the development of long-range cruising capabilities and greater on-board storage capacities, our research indicates that the global superyacht traffic demographic is changing, and broadening.

This, combined with anecdotal evidence that suggests an increasing desire amongst yacht owners to travel off the beaten track, has inspired us to undertake research on the industry’s sentiment towards locations that are not traditionally considered superyacht destinations.

Tahiti, situated in the central Southern Pacific Ocean, one of the infrastructural hubs of the region, with a growing cruising market. Although not considered a classic cruising destination like the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, we are hoping to gauge the market’s perception of the island and the wider region.

Through analysis of changing migration patterns and through having conversations with industry stakeholders we predict that exploration to places like Tahiti, and French Polynesia as a whole, is set to increase, catalysed by an emerging client group that is inspired to take their vessels to some of the most unique and untouched destinations on earth.

But we want to underpin this hypothesis with empirical market data. Using a quantitative market perception survey, The Superyacht Agency aims to scrutinise the understanding of the region’s service proposition. This project is not limited to stakeholders with experience of crusing there; we are equally interested in the views of those who have opted not to.

We are calling on owners, captains, first officers, charter managers, owner representatives and yacht managers to participate in this market perception survey. All who complete the survey will be entitled to a free subscription to The Superyacht Report and four random respondents will be rewarded with a £25 Amazon Gift Card.

The link to the survey can be found here.

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