Winch Design’s 10-day charity cycle ride is finishing up in Monaco, just in time for the yacht show and there's still space for those want to take part. The aim of all of this pedal power? To raise money for the Blue Marine Foundation, a philanthropic organisation which works to solve the crisis in the oceans, providing solutions to overfishing and enabling the creation of marine reserves. The foundation is supported by Prince Albert who will greet those arriving at the Palais du Prince after the final leg. Participants can opt do the whole 1,531km slog or just one of four ‘chapters.’ The target is to raise £500,000.

Andrew Winch, comments; “I’m passionate about the oceans and know that we must ensure the future of our seas. As a great supporter of BLUE, I want to make a real contribution to their wonderful work in celebration of our 30th year in business. The entire team at Winch Design is inspired to do their bit to help and I hope people within our industry will get behind this event to show their support for BLUE and do their bit for the environment.”

To find out more or register your interest go to

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