The earth moved for the Bucket this morning as the island was jolted awake by an earthquake off Antigua. Nothing like a 6.5 quake on the Richter Scale to get me out of bed in the morning!

And how better to follow up that dramatic start than by dressing up as a lobster and dancing on deck for a drone camera? That, bizarrely, is how I begin race day on board S/Y Rebecca, a stark contrast to yesterday, when I watched all the action from the majestic M/Y Rena, sipping champagne with the owners.

S/Y Rebecca - photography by Tim Thomas

So of motor and sail, which do I prefer to 'do' the Bucket? It's too tough to call. Once the shame of the lobster dance had worn off, it was fascinating (and quite terrifying at times) to get on board on a serious race day, especially on such a beautiful Pendennis and with the lovely Hank Wiekins to guide me around the boat. The sheer power in the sails, the number of moving parts to monitor and the intuition and teamwork of the race crew was staggering for a novice like me to witness. But then again, the comfort and calm of a motor yacht is hard to beat - and lounging is something I am rather good at!

S/Y Rebecca - photography by Tim Thomas

Hopefully, this evening has no further quakes in store, although the large swells that have prevented many yachts from berthing at the dock this year may provide some more unstable footing at this evening's Yacht Hop. Me? I'm more concerned about going out with my glowing sunburn as I turn redder and redder by the minute. Who needs a lobster outfit?

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