In our mission to understand which marinas superyacht captains find most attractive, this time we hear from the captain of Alukraft's 64.4m sailing yacht Pilar Rossi, a superyacht that spends much of her time in Camper & Nicholsons Marinas' Port Louis Marina, Grenada.

“This is the fourth hurricane season Pilar Rossi [image: first two in above slider] has spent here, so we’ve been to Port Louis Marina four times, and each time it gets better and better,” praises the captain. The marina’s location during the hurricane season is, in fact, a key factor behind the sailing yacht’s recurring visits. “Grenada is south enough in the Caribbean Sea to protect us during the hurricane season,” he explains. "If the yacht continues in the Caribbean Sea next year, we will probably return during hurricane season.”

The captain also highlights the logistical benefits of the marina. “The marina has a great dock space to fit our boat, with a deep enough draft for a large superyacht. It’s very easy to dock in the marina.”

Grenada is south enough in the Caribbean Sea to protect us during the hurricane season.

Grenada is not a superyacht marina hotspot that offers the same level of marina competition we see and expect from, say, the South of France and the Balearics. As such, the captain admits Port Louis Marina is the only one of such a high standard, and for this reason, he says, “it’s an obvious choice”. Yet the lack of superyacht focus in the area might explain the captain’s suggestion for more shopping retailers on the island. However, the other leisure activities, namely bars, restaurants, spas, resorts, beaches and activities, he says, are fantastic and what one would expect of a quality superyacht marina, not to mention the fact that there is easy access to the local facilities for the crew.

Does the captain have any particular recommendations? “The bars and restaurants within the marina are all great. We loved YOLO and The Victory Bar, and also the Grand Anse Beach.”

But perhaps most notable in the captain’s comments about the marina is the people – a factor he repeats is a huge draw for his and his crew’s enjoyment while visiting. “My first impression of the marina was the friendliness of the reception staff and a great marina team. The team are not only very efficient, but very friendly, and we always feel happy and at home in Port Louis Marina.”


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