With the summer season edging ever nearer, Norwegian companies hope to provide an alternative to the traditional charter destinations in the Mediterranean.

A new collaboration between Bergen Shipping and Exclusive Scandinavia offers a bespoke service for owners and charter clients that wish to explore the Norwegian coast. Ingjerd Anda, CEO of Exclusive Scandinavia, explains the driving force behind the partnership, “Instead of a ship agent sitting and making a sailing plan, which is then approved by a yacht and then the captain contacting a tour agent to organise activities in the ports, it will be us together designing a sailing plan based on the owner or the guest’s needs and preferences.”

Speaking of the many attractions of the region, Anda highlights the reasons more yachts are choosing to visit the area, “Norway is a scenic country with a lot of variation, with more and more companies offering activities, guides, transportation and restaurants based on local food. There are so many interesting things happening.” Anda also stresses how those visiting the area can also be assured of the safety of the vessel and guests aboard.

Norway provides a more adventurous option for guests onboard, “The clients that I have been working with have been very much into the local food and adventures. They want a little bit of hiking, they want to go salmon fishing and dog-sledging, ocean fishing, many many things,” notes Anda.

This new collaboration signals a rise in Norway’s promotion to superyachts. Superyacht Norway a non-profit organisation set up in 2014, by Ola Hiis Bergh, the former tourism director for Bergen, was founded to encourage superyachts to visit the western region of the country. A long-established cruise destination - Bergh previously worked with Cruise Norway - these new companies are moving into the niche superyacht market, offering bespoke concierge services to grow an audience amongst UHNWIs.

Additional benefits of visiting Norway for superyachts include more attractive pricing than the more established marinas in Mediterranean and the Caribbean and – as Norway is not a member of the EU – superyachts are privy to lower fuel prices.

 Image courtesy of Exclusive Scandinavia



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