Montenegro has had its moment in the spotlight once already with the opening of Porto Montenegro; now Portonovi is bringing renewed interest to this tiny Balkan country on the Adriatic Coast. The Portonovi project, which officially launched last night at London’s Sky Garden, comprises 270 luxury homes with over 200 berths for superyachts, along with a Winch-designed yacht club. Mr. Ahmet Erentok, Chairman of Azmont Investments, introduced the project to invited guests, which will also feature Europe’s first One&Only hotel, an Espace Chenot spa and interior design by Harrods.

Launch event at London's Sky Garden

Alan Bell, sales director for Portonovi spoke to The Superyacht Owner at last night’s event, commenting, ‘Portonovi’s marina sits very close to the whole Bay of Kotor, it’s just a 45-minute car ride from Dubrovnik airport so our access is great. Unlike Porto Montenegro, which has a very big marina, we only have 223 berths, and that’s finite. We also have massive kudos from Andrew Winch’s incredible designs.’

The marina apartments go on sale from tomorrow – with only 29 on sale. ‘That’s it – we have 65 acres – when it’s gone, it’s gone,’ added Bell. The two-bed apartments go from €1.1m, with villas starting from around the €2.7m mark.

Bell expects many Middle Eastern buyers to snap up berths and properties, replacing the Russian and CIS countries which were a primary market for the Porto Montenegro offering. Superyacht owners who bag one of the berths, conceived by Marina Projects, will be able to explore Montenegro’s stunning and relatively undiscovered 300km coastline, and enjoy quick access to the rest of the Adriatic.

The first phase will open next year. Visit for more information.

Lower village

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