With a growing number of yacht owners looking to venture to more remote destinations, BWA Yachting has launched Berkeley Rand to design and engineer off-grid yachting expeditions. By using cutting-edge aerospace technology, alongside immersive technology and artificial intelligence, Berkeley Rand’s engineers can plot, support and enhance remote yachting expeditions in a new way.

As a BWA Yachting company, Berkeley Rand will benefit from the experience of a global yacht agency. The company services more than 600 ports and has added a further 50 off-grid logistical hubs with Berkeley Rand. “There is a thirst for adventure and experiences at sea,” says Andrew Grant Super, managing director of Berkeley Rand. “We bring together the logistics, technology and creation that is needed to execute off-grid navigational journeys.”

Berkeley Rand was launched after BWA Yachting received a growing number of requests for off-grid and remote experiences. “While we were able to offer services for more than 8,000 port calls a year, we didn’t cover some far-flung territories like Patagonia, French Polynesia or the Solomon Islands, for example,” comments Paschalis Patsiokas, CEO of BWA Yachting.

“With Berkeley Rand, we now offer off-grid expertise at 350 remote destinations. Berkeley Rand is a dynamic hybrid of experiential engineers and off-grid logistical expertise and it enables us to engage early in the discussions when a captain or charter broker sets out to plan an off-grid voyage. We can take the interests of the guests into consideration and create an experience for everybody on board.”

Berkeley Rand will also aim to create experiences that focus on the environment, including marine biology, marine mammalogy and geological phenomena surrounding. “We were born from the DNA of BWA Yachting and have their ‘magnetic north’ running through us,” adds Super. "We share their mantra in that we want clients to trust that we will take care of all aspects of their voyage and ensure that the experience is bigger and better than they ever imagined it would be.”


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