UK, London. In addition to the 103m Sea Hawk project that was launched in September 2015, Hawk Yachts has introduced two new explorer yacht concepts to its offering. Due to be officially introduced to the public at BOOT Düsseldorf 2016 the 56m Cape Hawk and 75m Sky Hawk extends the Hawk Yachts explorer portfolio.

Explorer yachts and concepts were never far from the headlines in 2015, be it the upturn in orders or the perceived inadequacy of yachts branding themselves as explorers. We are, unfortunately, still absent a concrete definition of ‘explorer,’ and in a very real sense all yachts and their owners explore, whether they are exploring Monaco or the Poles. However, there appears to be no relenting in explorer vessel fever and the new concepts continue to come.

Sky Hawk

“It’s not rocket science, much of it is common sense,” says Captain Matthias Bosse, master mariner, ice master. “It’s obvious that many designs are created by people that have no practical sea faring experience; and it is this practical experience that leads to highly functional sea-worthy vessels like those that Hawk Yachts are launching here.”

Sky Hawk

Bosse believes that ‘polar’ has become the new term by which owners and the industry judge explorer vessels. “Of course polar should be on the wish list,” he says. “But I wonder if the average owner will visit the polar regions regularly; probably not more that a few times I would suggest. We like to consider our yachts as voyagers, capable in all climates and conditions.”

Cape Hawk

Unfortunately, voyager seems like a word that is equally as corruptible as explorer, although Bosse is right in his admission that polar is becoming the standard regardless of its slim visitation rates and he is right in trying to distance Hawk Yachts from the Range Rover Sports of the ocean.

Cape Hawk

Both the Sky Hawk and the Cape Hawk have Ice Class 1C ratings and are designed to push their way through newly formed ice and manage the harsh polar conditions. Features include a reinforced ice bel, heated shell door seal, oversized propellers and machinery, expedition style sea chests, high-powered boilers.

Equally, both concepts are designed to suit the warmer climes of the tropics. Features include an oversized cooling capacity, oversized air-conditioning systems, insect filters and pollen barriers and freshwater production.

The Hawk Yachts distinctive bow shape seeks to tie together beauty and functionality, protecting systems from the wear and tear expected in heavy seas as well as being designed to push through smaller pieces of ice and pack ice.

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