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Best seats in the house

How an 'immersive piano add-on' can provide an exciting addition to a typical movie night...…

People buy superyachts because they offer experiences that most can only dream of. That's why time spent on board is precious and should be used to its full potential, and why most people would consider watching a movie on board to be almost tragically wasteful. But on the contrary, GF Entertainment have put together an immersive superyacht experience that blends together the awe of a private concert with the excitement of a bespoke state-of-the-art cinema.

The London-based company GF Entertainment have patented an ‘Immersive Piano Add-On’ which they claim to be the ultimate live performance event for yacht owners and charterers. Instead of simply watching a movie on board, guests can take their favourite film to the next level with the inclusion of a piano maestro.

The film is brought to life by international award-winning Steinway artist Vincent Corver, who performs while guests enjoy a screening from the privacy of their own yacht. What makes the experience unique, is that Corver composes fresh music live on the spot, adding a layer of nuance that breathes life into familiar tunes. “Vincent is one of those pianists that thinks outside the box, he’s not constricted to just being a piano player, he’s also a producer and composer,” says GF Entertainment's Founder and Managing Director Emmanuel Akintunde.

“I believe the piano is by far the most versatile instrument in the world, capable of creating emotive musical worlds, often experienced beyond the conscious mind. I have been experimenting with piano add-ons for over 10 years, starting with hit songs by Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and live piano concerts with curated films,” says Corver. “The immersive idea of Emmanuel’s is really taking this to the next level, allowing for a redefined way of experiencing any film, with an even deeper sonic experience. It’s a superb feeling taking a select audience into a captivating, artistic embrace.”

Emmanuel Akintunde - Dave Benett/Getty Images 

This new concept, created by Akintunde, was originally inspired by orchestra-accompanied film screenings at venues such as the Royal Albert Hall in London. The main aim was to design an experience that would take yacht guests through a ‘similarly captivating symphonic journey of musical artistry’.

“We wanted to bring something fresh and unique to the market,” says Akintunde. “Clients are always looking for something fun and different that can be enjoyed in the comfort of their own vessel. And this provides the ability to be able to safely enjoy amazing experiences in your own bubble.”

If necessary, GF Entertainment are also able to bring a Steinway grand piano on board, a quality audio reproduction system and an onsite audio specialist for piano amplification and master signal mixing. Whether you want to channel your inner romantic with the likes of Titanic or prefer action, the soundtracks of films such as Gladiator, Interstellar, Inception, Schindler’s List and more can be re-imagined by Corver. 


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