This new experience transforms model yachting into an outdoor electronic sport. The mixed reality headsets allow for a variety of game scenarios: participants can sail alone, with others or in a team. The game boasts a selection of different tracks on all bodies of water: mixing real sailing yachts steered by the players with virtual ones driven by artificial intelligence subject to the same wind conditions.

The game modes available are:
- Combat race
- Capture the flag
- Classic regatta

This outdoor video game is played with "Battle Yachts", measuring one-metre long. Arlequin, the first production sailboat made in 3D printing, was designed to be easy to use, powerful and versatile in any weather. It is aimed at corporates or private customers that are passionate about sailing and technology. These sail boats are limited edition with only 300 models currently.

DWS Dyna Wing Sail is a French start-up that designs, manufactures and markets battle yachts and mixed reality outdoor video games. For more information :

DWS will exhibit at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2019 - Stand 046

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