As we start 2020, and following our recent edition of The Superyacht Marketing Forum, we are conducting an industry-wide research project that will investigate the future of boat shows, networking events, forums, conferences and parties in the superyacht market.
Essentially, as we start the new decade, we want to ask the market what they enjoy, what they value and what they would like to see change within the events landscape, so The Superyacht Group can innovate, improve, evolve and develop market-leading events that the market really wants and needs.
This project is designed to garner an industry-wide perspective on the events you attended in 2019, and to understand the value you received from attending, while exploring what we can do better for you - the attendees, delegates and partners who make all superyacht events a large part of their marketing budget and annual calendar.
If you can spare 10 minutes of your time, and answer some very straightforward questions about the various events you attend and what you’d like to see change for 2020 and beyond, you will be entered into a prize draw. And 20 of you will win a €1000 bonus that can be used for any one of our programme of The Superyacht Forums in 2020.

Please click here to take the survey.
Many thanks for your time and your candid insights.
Martin H. Redmayne
The Superyacht Group

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