Being kept on your toes is sometimes quite fun and makes running a business interesting, but 2020 is an exception to the rule. Last month, we felt confident that countries were managing their various infection rates and people were starting to travel, but in the past 10 days, it seems that the migration of populations across borders and through countries has triggered some concerning spikes.

Having announced The Superyacht Forum LIVE in September and our European Tour in the ‘brave new world’, it has become apparent that hopping in and out of Europe is not going to be as straightforward as we had hoped. So, we have had to adapt our strategy and in true Superyacht Group style, get really creative. 

Until infection rates decline and Europe becomes more user-friendly, we are going to deliver The Superyacht Forum Live with three fundamental elements.

·      One to One – Digital Dialogues – over the coming weeks and months we will record and broadcast another 120 candid conversations and ideas exchanges with a diverse and expert network, with at least two being recorded each week. This library of comments and opinions will grow into an archive of ideas, recommendations and advice for the future, all of which will shape further conversations and debates throughout The Superyacht Forum Live programme.

·      Virtual Superyacht Forums – during November and December we will broadcast and host a series of workshops and keynotes, live from our offices in London and also in partnership with three digital events in our Winter calendar, namely the Balearic Yacht Show, YARE, and METSTRADE Connect, all of which will bring together the superyacht market and allow our audiences to discuss and debate key issues from the comfort of their office, bridge or home.

·      The Superyacht Forum LIVE Tour – not one to give up on a good idea, we will bring you an eclectic, entertaining and creative series of documentary-style films, that will be broadcast via Due to the restrictions and COVID impact, these episodes will be a taster of what’s to come in 2021. But consider the following, a film crew, key experts from our Editorial team and working within the limits of six people, we will host an outdoor or afloat conversation in and around London, as a starting point. Imagine a superyacht journey along the Thames, from Barnes to Greenwich, with unique gatherings on roof terraces, in rowing boats or at riverside pubs, discussing and debating everything to do with superyachts and their future. Take this concept and move it to Southampton, and another journey from Portsmouth to Poole, with the Isle of Wight, New Forest and various technical hubs forming the thread of conversation. The same concept will then move further south, towards Plymouth and Falmouth, where the rugged coastline and wild beaches can play host to serious discussions and hopefully, weather permitting, blue sky thinking.

Having made our commitment to delivering The Superyacht Forum LIVE Tour, we will work within the parameters and with our friends, colleagues and partners across the UK, until such time that European travel becomes manageable and we can bring slightly larger groups of people together, in all of the coastal and river-based superyacht hubs across the industry. We can assure you that while it is a moveable feast, we are responding, reacting and adapting on a daily basis in order to create films, conversations and idea exchanges that will be different and dynamic.

So, keep watching the One to Ones, as there will be another 30 plus conversations this year, we will send out invitations and announcements for our Virtual Keynotes and Debates that will happen between now and the end of the year. Obviously, we are aware that there are already plenty of virtual events, meetings and shows happening, so we are choosing our window and timing to make sure we create something valuable and worth watching, that stands out in the crowded and congested digital event space. And watch out for the first Superyacht Forum Live Film, broadcast from the River Thames with an interesting group of safe and secure superyacht experts.

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