An interesting question came up in conversation this morning at The Monaco Yacht Show. A designer asked me what I thought was the most important aspect of a tender was. With a vast array of tenders to choose from, each with their own set unique amenities; what is it that really differentiates a good tender from a great tender?

A few months ago, I had a conversation with someone who had just finished chartering a yacht, who said that one of the main reasons that the yacht was selected was because the tender was designed to keep its passengers dry. Keeping dry was such an important feature in this scenario, that that the yacht which was initially selected, was rejected based primarily because of the design of the tender. An interesting point, which emphasises just how important tender design, is.

It may seem jovial, but when there are 12 guests on board, who want to get to shore for the evening getting soaked en route simply isn’t an option and is very likely to leave bad impression of the yacht itself.

With such a broad spectrum of well-built tenders, the possibilities of design are endless, but with all the extra amenities available, are clients overlooking the basic and most important elements?


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