"Functional explorer yachts may not look nice but at least they work", says Matthias Bosse, captain of Lady Moura who conceived the idea for the spectacular 103m explorer vessel, Sea Hawk.

The vessel, which marries rugged utility with nuanced style, is being marketed by Bosse and its designer, Frank Neubelt at the Monaco Yacht Show.

In an exclusive conversation with SuperyachtNews.com, Bosse outlines some of the dangerous design flaws he's noticed on yachts, saying, "you look at some yachts and you think, 'how can that be built?'"

He cites fashionable trends in yachting that are in direct contravention of logic and safety: dark hulls that reach temperatures of 90 degrees in direct sunlight and damage the coating; the lack of gangways that make yachts difficult to embark and disembark in tidal areas beyond the Med; sharp edges in enclosed interior spaces; tender garages at the waterline that put the crew at risk in choppy weather; the fashion for removing scuppers from the deck so that the team becomes saturated with water; and anchor pockets that, in the event of failure, mean the anchor cannot be deployed.

Matthias Bosse and Sea Hawk

In particular he highlighted the impractical designs of famous superyachts, Predator and A, "the bow shape of which couldn't handle a Force 3 gale."

With his project, which is at the pre-engineering stage and ready for a client to commission it, Bosse has devised a hypothetical round the world cruise of 130,000nm that would take in the globe's toughest conditions, which he says Sea Hawk has been specifically equipped to deal with. This includes sensors all over the boat that monitor vibrations levels of bearings and analyse oil composition. This would then be fed back on a 24/7 basis to the Hamburg HQ for monitoring.

"The explorer look is a bit rugged, but why?", Bosse asks. "Arctic P and Lone Ranger might be strong, rugged ships but they look like aliens in marinas...explorers can look elegant." This is what Bosse and his team hope to achieve with Sea Hawk, if he can secure a commission. 

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