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Pinpoint accuracy

Easily manage worklists for operational yachts with streamlined documentation and communication using Pinpoint Works management software…

Pinpoint Works interactive worklist management software improves operational efficiency and enhances inter-departmental communication. Organising and managing daily worklists on board a superyacht is traditionally an arduous and inefficient process. With a broad scope of jobs and hard-to-identify locations on board, worklists have been traditionally prepared using Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and a wide range of messaging platforms.

Although adequate at the time, this method can create confusion and duplication of work because written detail can never be specific enough, and multiple versions of worklists are constantly being updated at any one time. Pinpoint Works is changing how worklists are managed on board using one central platform that is always up to date – streamlining the communication and documentation process for yachts, management companies, family offices, shipyards and contractors.

Using the yacht’s general arrangement (GA) as the focus, the interactive software allows anyone to create quality worklists on board. “It closes the information loop for all parties, as you have the written description for each job, the visual location on the yacht’s GA and all of this is supported with photos, videos and media files,” explains Stuart Boyd, business development manager at Pinpoint Works.

“Daily worklists can be easily created and viewed by anyone, then shared between departments and stakeholders. The key to the system is that it’s so easy to use. Jobs can be added quickly during walkarounds using our native apps for Android and iOS, and the web browser allows you to filter and interrogate the information down to the finest detail.” 

All users can be given access to contribute to these worklists with various permissions, which cuts out any unnecessary duplication while ensuring nothing falls through the cracks – every job’s status can be managed to completion, which isn’t the case when using messaging apps.

The heads of department can quickly create daily worklists and assign jobs to specific members of their teams. With worklists centralised and constantly updated, they can be exported as clearly designed PDFs and sent to the yacht’s management company, family office or contractors. No additional editing of photos is required as it’s already done for you.

This is particularly useful when defining a scope of work for a refit; with individual department worklists updated throughout the season, the critical jobs can be copied into an independent site for refit. The ready-made report can be sent to management or shipyards for quoting.

“Our software removes the traditionally hierarchical process of creating and managing worklists, which includes multiple layers of duplication, and allows all parties to contribute in real time, improving accuracy and saving time, which ultimately reduces costs,” adds Boyd.

Pinpoint Works has recently created two optional paid add-ons to make the software even more powerful while remaining user-friendly. The timeline function offers a visual guide for all the jobs lined up using a start and end date range. It’s simple to use but gives a powerful visual, allowing users to take on more responsibility when managing a project without additional software.

Secondly, a date reminder function enables personal reminders to be set for specific points or stand-alone reminders independent of a point card. One much-anticipated feature to be released this year is push notifications, which will further streamline communications between the web and mobile apps.

The key operational benefits of Pinpoint Works are its ability to efficiently create and manage daily worklists and improve inter-departmental and external communication. With a centralised and interactive platform, it is clear and easy for the deck, engineering and interior departments to share information, and the yacht can update its management company or family office on the works being carried out or where resources are needed. Transparency builds trust, and this is a must for all operations.

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Pinpoint accuracy


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