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Crew jobseeking habits

From data gathered by Faststream and Yotspot, we share insight into crew views on employment issues…  …

Throughout July and August 2017, superyacht recruiter Faststream and industry job board Yotspot surveyed over 1200 superyacht crew to gain a unique insight into the views, thoughts and feelings they have about the industry they work in. As part of a series of articles looking at each of the areas of the survey, below SuperyachtNews looks at the results regarding jobseeking.

Out of those surveyed, 66 per cent of captains and 71 per cent of crew revealed that they are currently looking for a new role. This is indicative of potentially significant retention issues in the industry. The survey also revealed that 60 per cent of respondents plan to spent at least the next three years as crew, which would mean a shift between yachts, rather than crew moving outside of the sector.

“It is a worrying statistic and if it becomes a reality then there will be huge movements of talent between yachts, which will be great for those with a good reputation and bad for others,” contemplates Mark Charman, CEO of the Faststream Group. “Yachting has always been highly active when it comes to jobseeking. Owners and managers need to be thinking about many of the areas highlighted in this report to ensure that they can retain staff. In many cases it will be far easier to retain than it will be to hire.”

The survey also found that 52 per cent of crew have been worried about the security of their job at some point in the last six months. The knock-on effect of concerns over job security is that the employee will become a more active jobseeker, even if they would be otherwise happy in their current role. Access to jobs in the sector continues to expand with the survey revealing an equal spread between social media, referrals, agencies and job boards listed as the places that crew found their current position. Jobs are everywhere and for all to see.

“Job security is clearly a problem and with over half of the crew we surveyed revealing that they have had recent concerns over the safety of their job, the issue is real and the issue is now,” continues Charman. “There could be a multitude of reasons for this; concerns over the owner’s finances, a new captain or change in management are common causes for concern. Owners and managers should do all they can to limit or address concerns over job security. Perhaps a more regular review process could help – it would certainly provide the opportunity to minimise concerns and open dialogue with crew.”

SuperyachtNews will continue to publish the survey's findings over the course of the week, looking closely at the other key areas of analysis.



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Crew jobseeking habits


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