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SuperyachtNews.com - Fleet - The Superyacht Group expands its digital portfolio

By SuperyachtNews

The Superyacht Group expands its digital portfolio

September 2013 signals the arrival of our brand new app and 2014 will see further steps taken to delivering more content through a spectrum of niche websites.…

Our audiences are consuming information anywhere, everywhere and anytime of the day, for the simple reason that we operate in a truly global industry.  We also have a truly diverse mix of information consumers, from owners all the way down to the deckhand. Therefore we have created a series of media channels that serve every sector of the market, wherever they may be. So for the past few months we have been developing two key additions to The Superyacht Group’s portfolio of products.
Firstly, to support our flagship brand, we have developed TheSuperyachtReport.com, this is a new digital platform that will supplement and support the printed content of The Superyacht Report.
Whilst The Superyacht Report remains the premier source of critical industry analysis and serious, intelligent opinion, we are aware that our readers are sometimes faced with time constraints, a magazine overload, and would prefer a dissemination of the magazine’s ‘best bits’ that they can consume on their desktop. That is why a selection of topical articles – including editors’ columns, and comments from leading industry professionals - are now available to view on TheSuperyachtReport.com.
The site will also offer a central location for readers to view additional and unique 'Superyacht Reports' that have or have not featured in the magazine, including drawings, PDFs, supporting documents and additional information that it is simply not possible to fit into a print format, ensuring that readers of The Superyacht Report remain the most informed in the industry.
In addition, this portal will allow a wider audience to discover and explore the content of this powerful print magazine, and subscribers will have the opportunity to download digital editions and back issues to their tablets (having logged into your account follow this link https://www.thesuperyachtreport.com/library.html and click 'DOWNLOAD PDF', then choose the option to open it in iBooks).  We have looked at the concept of tablet magazines and feel that the current technology for reading page-turning PDFs through iBooks is a suitable format until our audience tells us they need more dynamic content, like video or podcasts. But we are looking at a whole host of digital platforms and information channels for the future.

Coinciding with the launch of TheSuperyachtReport.com is, perhaps, the most exciting superyacht media development of recent times as The Superyacht Group launches its first ever mobile and tablet app in time to coincide with the industry’s biggest event, the Monaco Yacht Show. This powerful new app will provide users with daily news and alerts direct to their mobile device as and when they happen, a powerful tool as news breaks in and around the show.
Superyacht News will categorise news and top stories from across the group’s portfolio of products, filtering it to meet the needs of the individual user and ensuring that they remain up to date in their areas of interest. The push notification system will also ensure that users are aware of the stories that matter as they happen, rather than having to search the web themselves. So if you are an owner, a captain, a broker, a builder, a designer, a supplier or a crewmember, the mix of our top stories, news reports and other topical reporting will be uploaded instantly via your iPhone or iPad - the two most dominant platforms used by our audience. Other devices will be supported in the near future.
Commenting on the addition of two more powerful digital tools to The Superyacht Group’s portfolio, its chairman Martin H Redmayne said:

“We have always appreciated the power of digital channels and mobile devices, but wanted to watch what the competition developed and identify what our audience would find of most value. Therefore, rather than launch apps for each and every product, we have created an efficient news aggregator that every sector of the industry can use. In conjunction with the Superyacht News app, we also decided that a print magazine is always limited by the number of pages someone can physically carry or consume. Therefore, The SuperyachtReport.com is a natural addition to our online stable and will deliver more high quality editorial content beyond the limitations of print media.The future of our information supply is online and we are constantly investing in bringing the most relevant and valuable content directly to the most relevant and valuable audiences.”
Visit TheSuperyachtReport.com to see how we will add value to the industry’s most respected magazine, and click here to visit the iTunes Store to download the Superyacht News app and follow our team of editors with your tablet or smart phone.

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The Superyacht Group expands its digital portfolio


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