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The 70-80m market: the superyacht sweet-spot?

Jonny Horsfield of H2 Yacht Design shares his thoughts on this interesting area of the market…

In the last five years there have been 23 yachts delivered within the 70-80m size category, an area of the market which holds a truly interesting opportunity for superyacht owners looking to move up the size categories. From the design perspective, there is a fascinating balance to strike here, one can fill the GA with just about everything one could possibly need on a superyacht, but there is also plenty of room for creativity without repetition in the spaces on board.

In terms of who’s building what, activity in the last five years is distributed relatively evenly across 18 shipyards globally including leading yards like Amels, Turquoise and Abeking & Rasmussen. But, Italian shipyard CRN tips the scale with three yachts in the 70-80m size category, with 73m Yalla designed by Omega Architects (exterior) and CRN (Interior), 74m Cloud 9 designed by Zuccon International Project (exterior) and Winch Design (Interior) and 80m Chopi Chopi also designed by Zuccon International Project (exterior) and Laura Sessa (interior).

In 2018, we have already seen the completion of four yachts in this size category, including 77m M/Y Go designed by H2 Yacht Design, which is also Turquoise Yachts’ new flagship vessel. Now responsible for the creation of some sublime yachts within the 70-80m size category, Jonny Horsfield owner and design director of H2 Yacht Design speaks to SuperyachtNews about what makes this size category such an interesting area of the market.

“It is a step up for people who currently have 40-60m yachts and I think the 70-80m size category is a sweet spot,” says Horsfield. “You’re still in the regular LY3 regulations with 12 passengers and It is also a great size for crew numbers. Everything just seems to work well as you can include everything that you would need to have on board.”

“the 70-80m market is a step up for people who currently have 40-60m yachts and I think the 70-80m size category is a sweet spot,”

- Jonny Horsfield

Moving up the size categories there often tends to be a considerable amount of repetition within the GA as the allocation of guest space sees a sizable increase. But as Horsfield explains, there is such a vast opportunity here to move away from additional lounge space for something quite unique and different from traditional guest spaces.

“I think the priorities have changed, spaces like gyms are taking as much of a role as a lounges. On Go, for instance, the gym iis up behind the bridge, which traditionally would have been a lounge or a bar, but there are only so many lounges that you need, once these yachts get to four decks high, you only really need two lounges, but there is this feeling of, ‘oh we’ve got another lounge’.

“There can be a lot of dead space with the owner’s deck because no one really uses them,” continues Horsfield. “For instance, M/Y Vicky was 73m and she had an atrium in the main saloon. So, there is a big hole in the ceiling, but that actually took up quite a lot of lounge space above, but that was fine as the client wanted that drama, so you can do other things with that space as well.”

Horsfield describes the 70-80m size category as “the new 50-60m,” an area of the market that is awash with successful semi-custom platforms, such as the Amels Limited Editions range, but as owners move up in size perhaps we will begin to see more platforms at the larger end of the spectrum. “I think that at 70-80m, clients want attractive financial solutions, so I think yes,” says Horsfield. “Most shipyards now – although some don’t like to admit it sometimes, have some kind of platform and why not start with something that you already know?”

By the end of the year, there will be a total of 10 superyachts delivered within the 70-80m superyacht market in 2018, a staggering number that will be a market record if the projects do reach fruition. There are also 21 superyachts within the 70-80m size category in the global order book, all of which are scheduled for delivery before 2022. There is clearly burgeoning interest in this sector of the market that is calling for creative designs, which don’t just rely on repetition in the GA.


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The 70-80m market: the superyacht sweet-spot?


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