Italian superyacht builder Rossinavi has reported thriving activities at the yard, operating at nearly full capacity with six projects under construction, one of which was ordered in 2016. Rossinavi is also taking a step into the future with new propulsion configurations and the intention to heavily focus on 65m plus projects.

Starting with MY FR030 – otherwise known as the third Prince Shark project – the 48.5 steel and aluminium hull is currently under construction at the shipyard. Rossinavi plans to deliver the project in spring 2017, having only begun the project a couple of months ago. Both the interiors and exteriors of the project have been designed by the Italian studio Team For Design, which has previously designed four exterior projects with Rossinavi, including 38.3m Lara I delivered 2010, 48.3m Param Jamuna IV delivered 2013, 47.5m Vellmari delivered 2013 and 48.3m Polaris delivered 2014.

Project Vector, formerly FR031, is currently under construction for an American client to another design by Team For Design. The 62m was signed in 2014 and has now been under construction since 2015. A semi-displacement project, it will hit the water in 2018 and will be the second largest yacht built at Rossinavi, behind 70m High Power III, delivered in 2011.

Project Vector

It’s with these six projects that Rossinavi is marking its new approach to superyacht construction. “Today we are investing in 65m-plus new yacht projects,” says Frederico Rossi, Rossinavi’s COO. “We have four new projects with three different propulsion aspects including one with KaMeWa propulsion. We also have a very fast shaftline propulsion project with a very interesting consumption profile at cruise speed (16/18 knots). The third propulsion project is a diesel-electric based on modular power management. The common aspect of those four projects is the integrated design, Rossinavi’s main vision of overviewing the market up to 2020.”

For the 50m Endurance project, currently known as FR032, construction began in 2015. Although little is known about the project, Rossinavi has said that soon new renderings will be published. However, what we do know is that the displacement expedition yacht is also designed by Team For Design for the exteriors and Salvagni Architetti for the interiors. The yacht is currently undergoing outfitting and has also been sold to a German client, who will take delivery of the project in spring 2017.

Project Longitude, also known as FR034, has been under construction at Rossinavi since 2015 and will be delivered in 2017 to a German client. The 49m yacht is currently the only yacht under construction at the Italian yard which hasn’t come from the Team For Design boards and instead has been left in the very capable hands of Fulvo de Simoni for the exteriors and Salvagni Architetti for the interiors.

Perhaps the most advanced project is FR035, as it is the only project scheduled to be launched this year. With little information disclosed, this yacht is the most confidential and the details will not be revealed until the publication of Rossinavi’s Logbook 2017. The yacht has been sold to a longstanding client who has previously owned two Rossinavi yachts.

Rossinavi has also secured a new order in 2016, project FR036, which will be built under the project name 'Aston'.


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