Craig Timm, sales director at US brokerage house 4Yacht, Inc., has offered clarification to about the reported deal he has brokered for 222m Project Triple Deuce.

There has been little information available since Timm first issued a press release in October 2014. However, the news has resurfaced recently in the mainstream media and contacted Timm for an update.

Commenting on the re-emergence of the story, Timm said, “CNN did the interview in October, the same time we released the information on Project Deuce. Currently we are in the same status as then, however the speculative delivery date is being pushed out to fall of 2018 at this time.

“I have no more information I can offer at this time”, he added.

When the story first broke Timm said it may take up to a year to identify the appropriate yard to take on the project. And while the list of builders capable of accommodating a project of such vast proportions is short, there is nothing yet in The Superyacht Intelligence Global Order Book that suggest a yard has been found. However, shipyards operating on extremely large yacht projects are notoriously secretive, with projects hidden from the outside world for as long as possible.

So, at this early stage of this speculative project, without any indication that construction is about to begin, the project remains a rumour. But as Timm said in October, if it does come to fruition, it will be a record-breaking project for a client fixated on surpassing the likes of Azzam and Eclipse.

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