On 23 February, Pershing launched its first aluminium superyacht from the Ferretti Group’s Ancona facility. The 43.3m vessel is the result of a collaboration between architect Fulvio De Simoni, The Ferretti Group Product Strategy Committee led by engineer Piero Ferrari, and the Group’s Engineering Department.

Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti, has described the launch of the first unit as a “landmark moment for the history of Pershing and the commercial strategy of Ferretti Group”.

Its design reveals a continuity with recent models – two lateral wings are integrated into the superstructure and connected to the gunwale at the start of the walkways. The area towards the stern features a raised cockpit that becomes a mezzanine, joining the whole aft section and giving the yacht a large sea-facing space. The upper deck also features a spacious panoramic terrace.

The main deck is home to a lounge with bar and dining area, as well as a generous private entertainment area. Below deck hosts four suites: two VIP rooms with king-sized beds and two twins with singles.

The project is due to head to its final destination in Hong Kong and will be presented to the public in the coming months.

According to Superyacht Intelligence, 2019 will see Pershing deliver a number of larger vessel, with their average delievered LOA predicted to be the highest ever compared to historical averages.

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