Following the Cannes Yachting Festival, Overmarine has announced its new 54m flagship superyacht has been sold. With a totally restyled exterior, the GranSport 54 is the first hull sold in the new displacement line, which was unveiled at the 2015 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show.

After the initial presentation of the concept last year, it was taken back to the drawing board for a variety of engineering studies and tank tests to ensure maximum comfort, efficiency and appearance. As a result, the initial concept was altered slightly and lengthened by 6m to its current length of 54m.

“This successful sale confirms that, thanks to our 30-year tradition of building fast, comfortable yachts and the reputation we’ve built up in that time, we’re even able to aspire to playing a leading role in a segment that’s completely new to us,” says Group Commercial Director, Francesco Frediani.

Aesthetically, the GranSport 54 is an intricate assortment of design features we have seen before on the Mangusta range, such as the three rectangular lower deck windows, the trademark curved upper deck windows and elongated bow. However, with the help of Alberto Mancini of AM Yacht Design, the GranSport 54 has a fresh and contemporary profile with clean lines and an aperture, which runs the length of the profile.

Mancini has previously designed the Mangusta Oceano 42, of which two are currently under construction, and the Mangusta Oceano 55. This makes the GranSport 54 the third collaborative project between AM Yacht Design and Overmarine.

The 54m yacht features a new propulsion arrangement for Overmarine, which includes four MTU 16V 2000 M94 engines with stabilisers. Here, the most significant advantages is the propulsion efficiency, lower consumption and higher top speed of 30 knots. The GranSport 54 also has a lower draught and a greater range of 3800 nautical miles.

Overmarine currently has 10 yachts under construction, one of which (the Mangusta Oceano 42) has been launched and is scheduled for a 2016 delivery, adding to Overmarine’s existing 2016 delivery of the 49.9m Incognito.

The GranSport 54 is now scheduled for a 2018 delivery.

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