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One to One: Vripack

Bart Bouwhuis and Marnix Hoekstra discuss a mature approach to superyacht design philosophy as a means of stimulating market growth through inspiration…

In the latest of The Superyacht Group’s Digital Dialogues, Martin Redmayne speaks with Vripack’s Bart Bouwhuis and Marnix Hoekstra about the ways in which the design industry can encourage new entrants to the superyacht market through telling unique stories and innovation.

Vripack’s creative directors, Bouwhuis and Hoekstra, not only have a wealth of experience designing some of the world’s most outstanding superyacht projects, but they have long been regarded as some of the industry’s finest thinkers, problem solvers and design commentators.

“The future of the industry is about what we can do differently, not necessarily better,” starts Bouwhuis. “As we see clients getting younger, the industry should offer different boats, and then it is for the client to decide whether or not it is a better option for them. With more creative layouts, different technology and offering wider choice, ultimately that will attract more clients towards buying a boat, charter or boat is simply just enjoying one. What we need are more people that are into boating.”

For many years, the superyacht industry has been accused of being conservative in its approach to various sectors, and the design community is no different. Indeed, this has led some believe that, while the superyacht community undeniably creates wonderful projects, many of the products that are now being showcased on the market are too predictable.

Commenting on whether or not the market has become predictable, Hoesktra explains: “I don’t even think that’s even a suggestion, I think it is clear for everyone to see. In terms of a lot of product that are coming out, especially when you speak to the younger clients and less experienced owners, we are hearing is; ‘everything I see in the magazines is boring’.

“The word boring comes to mind far too often. From our perspective, that is definitely something that we can improve or change. We could inspire people. I am not talking about whacky futuristic concepts, but architecturally interesting and challenging concepts that have elements of sustainability and that can be built.

Elsewhere within the Digital Dialogue, the Vripack team discussed how inspiration is the truest route towards industry growth, espousing a design philosophy that focuses on specific ownership and usage profiles as a means of determining design, layout and amenities, as opposed to a reliance on a homogenisation of ideals that has led to a one-size-fits-all design model.

To hear more about Vripack's views on the superyacht design philosophy, watch the full video here.

The One to One series is a collective campaign for change and industry improvement, and we welcome participants from all sectors. If you would like to take part or contribute your thoughts, please contact Research Editor Clare Sidwell.

You can view the ever-growing archive of Digital Dialogues here.

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One to One: Vripack


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