Northern Marine has signed a new contract to build 26m expedition yacht, Blood Baron. Launching in summer 2013, she will exhibit a new contemporary design for the yard known for its traditional trawler style vessels.
Andy McDonald, president of Northern Marine said: “We were excited to work with a customer who was interested in doing something different. It’s the same rugged hull and quality of craftsmanship that Northern Marine is known for, but with a contemporary styling that could open up a whole new marketplace for our long range cruisers.”
Blood Baron features a bright red hull with a contemporary stylised exterior, while maintaining the aggressive and masculine look that is part of Northern Marine’s heritage.
Built on the same platform as Northern Marine’s 86 Tri Deck long range cruiser but with ‘everything altered’ Blood Baron has been designed for an owner who wanted a yacht to circumnavigate the globe without the large crew attached. Entertainment capacity was also a key consideration for the owner. Captain Aaron Pufal was given the task of finding a yard to build her. He said:
“The search process was like a jigsaw puzzle that ultimately pointed to Northern Marine. One of the deciding factors for selecting Northern Marine was their willingness to incorporate the engineering and styling features that were important to the build.”

Blood Baron has a range of 5,000-7,500 nm, depending on speed, ideal for circumnavigating the globe

Adriel Rollins, of Adriel Design, collaborated with Northern Marine and Pufal to come up with a design that met the owner’s requirements.
Rollins said: “The styling effort was not to simply ‘wrap’ the inboard profile with a new suit. But rather, the arrangement and client’s interaction with the defined spaces aboard drove the purpose for all of the exterior lines. Of course the red hull colour stands out, but Northern Marine yachts have always been colourful.“

Blood Baron features an extended superstructure that brings the pilothouse aft to create a large panoramic sky lounge. She also features a voluminous interior similar to that of a motoryacht with plenty of space for entertaining and relaxation, but with the range and fuel efficiency of a long-range.

For more on Blood Baron's design features, see our report on SuperyachtDesign

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