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LIFE Design: Oceanco’s revolutionary approach to design

The shipyard has elevated its design proposition once again through its new state-of-the-art approach…

Oceanco has always been recognised as one of the most forward-thinking shipyards when it comes to design, having created some of the world’s most iconic superyachts, such as M/Y Alfa Nero, M/Y Jubilee and S/Y Black Pearl. Now, in collaboration with Lateral Naval Architects, the shipyard has elevated its proposition once again through an approach called LIFE Design, which synergises the elegance and performance of Oceanco’s vessels with a carefully considered approach to their environmental impact.

In conjunction with its fully custom approach to design, Oceanco has outlined four key parameters which contribute to its considered design approach comprising:

·      Lengthened waterline,

·      Innovative lay-out,

·      Fuel Efficient hull design,

·      Eco-Conscious technology.

Together, Oceanco and Lateral Naval Architects will create an intricate technical solution within these four parameters for each project and form a range of optimal dimensions that result in a more refined vessel. But Oceanco’s LIFE Design approach extends past the technology behind the project, and throughout the course of the project’s existence.

Together, Oceanco and Lateral Naval Architects will create an intricate technical solution within these four parameters for each project and form a range of optimal dimensions that result in a more refined vessel.

“A fully customisable yacht is often seen as a highly luxurious purchase,” says Marcel Onkenhout, CEO of Oceanco. Thanks to Oceanco’s LIFE Design it’s now an ecologically-conscious one too.” The shipyard considers a yacht to be an investment that lasts a lifetime and therefore strives to ensure that every detail will continue to exceed the owner’s expectations for years to come.

The optimised, slender hull form of the LIFE Design approach has been devised to minimise the yacht’s resistance, which in turn improves the efficiency and fuel consumption of the vessel. According to Oceanco, this innovative, elongated hull configuration has resulted in performance figures that sit at the very top of MARIN’s statistical database for modern motoryacht forms.

Through the use of innovative technologies, the two developing parties have created a single deck engine room, a rare feature for a yacht at the upper end of the size spectrum, resulting in enhanced guest spaces and more options for entertainment space close to the waterline. Furthermore, additional guest accommodation can also be incorporated into spaces which would be typically occupied by the engine room.

Yachts that are developed based on the LIFE Design approach will be positioned within what Oceanco refers to as the ‘virtuous circle’. Here the yacht will benefit from retaining its primary required technical spaces, while offering greater flexibility and usage of its luxury spaces, in comparison to the overall volume of the vessel. But also, the yachts that have been designed based on these parameters will benefit from a considerable reduction in fuel and maintenance costs.

The yachts benefit from a 30 per cent reduction in fuel usage, compared to a conventional yacht of 3400gt, alongside its considerable reduction in overall energy consumption. Furthermore, the four parameters mean that LIFE Design yachts are able to meet every ECO class requirement and operate in all Emission Control Areas (ECAs), thanks to its reduction in overall air emissions.

Through leading Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), traditional methods and extensive physical model tests the LIFE Design approach can boast the highest possible hydrodynamic performance. The collective efforts of Oceanco, Lateral Naval Architects and MARIN have resulted in a series of exceptional factors, which not only relate to the economic impact of the vessels created under this approach, but also extend to improvements in stability and safety.

The low-profile characteristic of the design approach will deliver an unprecedented level of stability and stiffness to the yacht, which results in exceptional comfort in roll. This, coupled with state-of-the-art stabilisation from zero-speed roll fins, or magnus rotors, creates exceptional comfort at sea, in turn enhancing the overall experience on board.

A reduction in pitch motion is inherently linked to longer waterline lengths, meaning that the elongated hulls of the LIFE Design projects will benefit from low pitch motions and enhanced seakeeping characteristics.

With all this in mind, Oceanco, together with Lateral Naval Architects, has managed to incorporate all of these parameters into immensely elegant yachts, both in their proportion and form.

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LIFE Design: Oceanco’s revolutionary approach to design


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