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Introducing the Arrow460-Granturismo

Silver Arrows' Paolo Bonaveri outlines the rationale behind this innovative superyacht tender…

First of all, our global concept is linked to our collaboration with Mercedes-Benz. Our project follows a transportation philosophy, which is inspired by Mercedes-Benz powerful DNA (the meaning of the three pointed star is: land-air-sea), and not limited to the style of our yachts. The concept behind the Arrow460-Granturismo, is not only to create a new product and speak a brand new language in the segment, but also to create a platform, similar to the car industry.

The future evolution of the Arrow460 will feature new Limousine and Cabrio versions, meaning that after the S-Class Coupè we will present the S-Class Sedan and the S-Class Cabriolet, the same range of models on land and on the sea. The two new versions will be on the same “chassis” or in the boating language “hull” of the Arrow460, but will feature new interpretations of the layout and structure to reflect their respective segments.

The transportation concept has surely influenced the project. The Arrow460 is the perfect platform to develop a new approach to boating expressing different design languages on the three different platforms, the Limousine will feature a different lay out and new interior ideas. The new project is incredibly flexible and boasts high standards of quality, elegant performance, and plenty of bespoke options.

Silver Arrows Marine has created a new vocabulary in the yacht industry, highlighting that the Arrow460 platform doesn’t want to be a conventional "tender", which is evident in the innovative, loft living room concept, with 17sqm of pure comfort with a view. Once again you will find here the automotive DNA, where in one project (platform) you have different solutions.

We have noted that superyacht owners require a flexible transportation solution - not just a taxi. Our concept takes this demand for flexibility into consideration. Therefore, within 17sqm there is the volume, the height and the brightness of an exclusive environment. The owner has the opportunity to shape the environment according to their needs and desire.

Our concept for a "small tender" between 8-11m will follow the same DNA. We have in our "drawer" another project that is born to challenge convention in terms of style, quality, and will be able to offer not only a style solution and ergonomics, but also a technical platform able to keep up with modern technology. It will feature innovations from the latest research done by Mercedes-Benz and Silver Arrows Marine, in terms of style, design and technology.

The scope is to create a S-Class platform that can be offered to the superyacht owner featuring a range of different solutions and models, with the certainty that it’s a product coming from a process and superior technical quality. It is a very ambitious project because we are measured in a new dimension. It embraces a new concept for everything from development, product innovation, technology and the approach to sales.

The approach to this project was done like in the automotive industry for a new car model. We looked at the market and created a boat starting from an analysis of assumptions based on a study of the marketing, style and technology stand points.We did not take the standard boating industry approach where the construction is dictated and influenced by the wishes of the owner, as it always maintain that level of individualism and does not have an holistic approach.

In conclusion, we did not want to build just another 14m boat, and this stays true with the new models we are developing.


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Introducing the Arrow460-Granturismo


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