For the second year running, Imperial Yachts has sold its fleet in attendance of September’s Monaco Yacht Show before Christmas. In 2015, the Monaco-based brokerage firm confirmed the sales of 60m M/Y Arkley, 60m M/Y Event and 34.5m Arabella between 30 November and 9 December.

This year, the firm took 43m M/Y Elsea and 47m M/Y Ariadna to the show – both were listed for sale in August 2016 – and announced the sales this month – December.

All five of these yachts had been on the market for no longer than six months by the time they were sold. Acute timing of a yacht’s marketing campaign has been the recipe for Imperial Yachts’ roaring success. All these yachts pre-emptively came onto the market between June and August to incite exposure, before being presented at the Monaco Yacht Show in September, with the sales materialising in the ensuing months.

“Bespoke marketing is the key to our communication. For each yacht we apply different methods according to existing assets and those created from scratch”, begins Julia Stewart, director of Imperial Yachts. “From the day we announce that we are the central agents for a listing, we push it intensively, with a targeted climax close to main events such as Monaco. After the event, we’ll continue the promotion depending on the progress.”

“We put a lot of emphasis on photos and videos because emotion is the fuel for all superyacht lovers and experienced owners. Having a large library of top quality, nuanced imagery and movies that are adapted to the vessel, her arrangement and her story is key. Each yacht has to be an individual case.”

Stewart adds that it’s not just maximising time with clients and giving them the best possible experience on board that is of such importance, but the team’s dedication to every listing behind the scenes. “What you see at a show is just the tip of the iceberg”, she continues. “What makes the difference is our devotion to the support and management of these vessels 24/7 and all year round.”

A full interview with Imperial Yachts' CEO, Evgeniy Kochman, will appear in the first edition of The 'new' Superyacht Report (issue 175), published in January 2017. The magazine is available free for VIP subscribers. To apply, please click here.


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