Just two weeks after the sale of 55m M/Y Antares, Heesen Yachts has announced its third sale of the year. Project Ruya, which has been under construction since 2014, has been sold to an American client who was introduced to the shipyard by its US representative Thom Conboy, who has worked closely with the in-house sales team to close the deal in record time.

At 47m, the steel displacement superyacht was built on speculation thanks to what the shipyard describes as its “solid financial foundation”. As a result, Heesen is able to anticipate the construction of new projects which in turn, significantly reduces construction times.

Speaking exclusively to SuperyachtNews, Thom Comboy explains the current financial climate, specifically the favourability of the euro to the American market, offers a strong opportunity for perspective owners in the US. “We’ve gone from a euro that in 2007 was at $1.5 and now we have a euro which is close to parity with the dollar, and although European boats are more expensive, when you have a 30 per cent change, it helps a lot,” he says.

“Heesen’s business model offers something exciting across the size ranges,” Comboy continues. “With a relatively quick delivery time, owners have the ability to customise the boat and work with fantastic designers.”

Sitting just below the 500gt threshold, Project Ruya is a proven design that has been used as a platform for 12 sisterships, all of which have their own unique styling, as requested by each of their owners. Yet the interiors of the yacht began in the studio of Bannenberg and Rowell, where the team took inspiration from kinetic energy, which resulted in what the shipyard describe as a “taught, muscular and fluid” interior with high-tech finishes.

Having been recently launched, the 47m superyacht will be delivered to her new owners on 19th June.

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