It has been confirmed that Amels and Damen have sold their first purpose built, Polar code compliant, expedition yacht. The SeaXplorer 65, which was first unveiled at the 2015 the Monaco Yacht Show 2015, is effectively a hybrid between professional technology and superyacht exclusivity with the ability to offer luxury anywhere on the globe.

Perhaps one of the vessel’s most prominent attributes is its ability to cruise for up to 40 days without a single port call as a result of it’s vast carrying ability, which includes large storage capacities for provisions, black water and enough fuel to cruise for over a month of continuous cruising. The SeaXplorer 65 is also able to store a helicopter with a take-off weight of up to 4,500kg, one rescue boat, a dive support boat, two zodiacs, one submersible and four jet skis.

During the development stage of the SeaXplorer, the correct hull configuration needed to be developed for its global capabilities, which are equally effective in ice conditions, tropical conditions, rough seaways and severe weather. If the hull was optimised only for ice breaking, it would have compromised the vessel’s sea going behaviour, therefore a double acting hull was developed.

As a result, the SeaXplorer has a stern optimised for icebreaking conditions, while the bow benefits from its ‘Sea Axe’ design. This means that the forefoot is deeper than the keel, resembling an axe and, as a result, it improves efficiency with a 15 per cent reduction of resistance and up to 75 per cent less vertical peak accelerations than other fast ships.

With her astonishing cruising capability, many of the globes most pristine and untainted territories are likely to be on the SeaXplorer’s agenda. But, crucially, cruising in these territories bestows great responsibility upon all visitors and Damen has worked hard to eliminate the footprint left behind by the yacht.

The yacht is fitted with exhaust gas soot filters, Engine SCR systems for reducing NOX, waste heat recovery for efficient air conditioning, waste management system with large holding tanks, plastics disposal, refuse separation, glass crusher, compactor, cooled garbage store, and an on board incinerator.

While providing uncompromising exploration ability, the SeaXplorer 65 also seeks to provide the full spectrum of superyacht experiences. The 12 guests on board will, therefore, have access to an observation lounge with a bow point outdoor deck, bridge deck sky lounge and an owner’s stateroom with an office, which connects to the aft outdoor area.

Following its sale, the SeaXplorer 65 is scheduled for delivery in 2019.

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