A local Bermudan news outlet and a number of independent social media posts have shown footage of Jetsetter, the 38.6m motoryacht built by Dynamiq and delivered as recently as November 2016, running around in the Stag Rocks area of West Bermuda on the evening of 12 June.

Jetsetter went up on the rocks when the tide was going down, but when the tide started coming back up again we gently pulled her off with two work boats,” said David Simmons, the harbour master in Bermuda, in an exclusive conversation with SuperyachtNews. The yacht was removed at around 8.45pm, with high tide expected at 10.55pm that evening.

“We then towed her to a site located in the Little Sound area in Bermuda and the boat dropped anchor there for the night,” he continued.

With the America’s Cup currently taking place in Bermuda, Simmons expects the captain had tried to take a diversion in avoidance of the main race area.

“I couldn’t say how much damage there was to the boat, but I believe they are going to do a hull survey with underwater cameras and they’re getting together with the insurance company and classification society to look at how they can fix the damage.”

Simmons added that the inspection would need to be completed underwater as there are no Bermudan yards with haul-out facilities for a yacht of Jetsetter’s size.


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DYNAMIQ YACHTS 2016 2017 Delivered
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