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Arksen - Exploring the Pacific

The Superyacht Forum - Pacific Tour local partner, Arksen, is building yachts designed for highly capable, sustainable and efficient world cruising…

There are few yachts that have been designed to optimise cruising in the Pacific quite like Arksen. As we prepare for The Superyacht Forum - Pacific Tour, we are delighted to have Arksen as a local partner. Their vision to redefine the exploration yacht market perfectly aligns with what will be a dynamic, future-thinking event in a region brimming with potential. 

As the industry and the world emerge from the Pandemic, the alignment and expectations of many prospective superyacht owners are looking further afield and expecting more capabilities. Part of this awareness is the footprint of the vessels, as they balance their lifestyle and self-imposed obligation to be environmentally conscientious. 

There has been significant growth in the use of the term ‘explorer yacht’. Unfortunately, many are simply not up to the name. With a younger, more discerning and adventurous buyer pool entering the market, they are looking for yachts that can fulfil the promise that comes with the concept of exploration.

Arksen 85, hull number 01

Many yachts become explorers by default. Designed for trans-Atlantic crossings and Mediterranean cruising, these tried and tested hull shapes and engine configurations can then be applied for more remote cruising. This may get the job done, but it is a fundamentally inefficient approach. The Arksen philosophy is more specialised. Designing vessels from the ground up that are specifically tailored to maximise capabilities, minimise extravagant expenses and ensure that environmental impact is as low as it can be within the operational requirements. 

Owners increasingly expect flexibility when crossing oceans. This is especially true of exploration focused yachts. The journey across the Pacific, for example, presents myriad options for an intrepid vessel. Having the range to express this curiosity, and the capability to explore with confidence is foundational to the Arksen philosophy. The hull design, propulsion and control systems maximise the comfort in a wide range of sea states and headings.

Arksen 85

Isolated coves and pristine beaches that are off-limits to much of the fleet become accessible to Arksen yachts, with their low draft considerations and manoeuvrability. Designed with high efficiency, endurance and safety in mind, the Arksen approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the operational requirements of its customers.  

Concurrently, Arksen yachts are built sustainably and to operate as a platform for scientific research.  This starts with the materials selected, through to the design and construction process. Arsken is also funding ocean conservation projects through its '10 per cent for the ocean' charity, which provides a way to increase the collaboration and engagement between the superyacht sector and marine-focused projects. 

"The ocean covers more than 70 per cent of earth’s surface, every second breath we take comes from the ocean, it supports more than 90 per cent of all species on earth, yet it’s hardly understood at all. The yachting industry has the potential to collaborate and provide marine scientists with a global platform upon which to conduct important and often vital research." Jasper Smith, Founder of Arksen. 

Ahead of the highly anticipated launch of the first two Arksen 85s in summer, and late 2022 respectively, we look forward to the team from Arksen joining us in Victoria for The Superyacht Forum - Pacific Tour. As the Pacific North West and the wider region continue to develop its infrastructure, highly capable explorations of yachts will be integral to engage the next generation of yacht owners in environmentally conscious cruising. 

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