In just nine weeks from March to May 2015, Oceania Marine, the New Zealand based shipyard, has completed a full exterior re-paint and a number of other works on 46m Vantage - delivered by Palmer Johnson in 2010. caught up with Oceania Marine’s marketing manager Jim Loynes to discuss the quick turn around, the challenges posed and the lessons learnt.

“The timescale for the project became short primarily due to the time taken to finalise the owner’s plans and the extent of the works to be carried out and these discussions only began following the yacht’s arrival in New Zealand,” explains Loynes, “Originally we were talking about maybe just a hull repaint, but possibly a full repaint if the owner decided not to use the yacht in New Zealand. In the end this was what was decided, however, the owner was then understandably very keen to use his yacht as early as possible in Tahiti.”

Naturally the challenges created by such a constrictive timeframe were “far from ideal”, however, it also provided a unique opportunity to showcase what the yard could deliver under strict conditions. “We decided that it was achievable and everyone in the company pulled together to make it happen.” The process reads like an exam in which you know you will be writing right until the end – no room for error.

Loynes continues, “Through good scheduling of the various stages of the project and a lot of hard work from the different departments, we made the deadline, just! The biggest challenge of the short timeframe was the fact that there was little or no time in hand for re-shoots of any paint areas, but our coatings team handled the pressure superbly with hardly any problems in this regard.”

Paint coatings supervisor on the project Cameron Powell commented, “Our paint team peaked at 26, supported by engineers, fitters and boat-builders who did the removals and caulking. We divided the painters into smaller work groups of five to eight with team leaders tasked with specific aspects of the project.”

As well as working on the exterior which required repairs, re-paint, removal and reinstatement of caulking, fittings, hatches and doors, Oceania Marine also carried out a Lloyds survey, equipment servicing and some general maintenance. When asked if the quick turn around option could become a unique selling point, Loynes responded:

“While we probably would not set out to carry out a project under these circumstances again, owners demands on yacht schedules will no doubt cause similar situations to occur and it is good to know what we can deliver if needed, so in this respect I would say that the ‘quick turn around option’ could become a tool not to lose a project due to time restrictions, rather than a regular marketing tool”.

One of the painters on the Vantage project was heard saying, “it will not be often that you do a project in such a short time and send away a happy client’.”

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