In just five weeks’ time, The Superyacht Design Forum will welcome over 200 delegates to discuss and debate a number of issues facing our industry, with the insight of influential leaders within and external to the world of superyachts.

‘Pelorus’ is a navigational tool that was famously used to maintain the bearing of a sea vessel during the golden era of travel and discovery, and is also the name given to Geordie Mackay-Lewis and Jimmy Carroll’s experiential travel and yacht expedition company who will be presenting at this year’s edition of The Superyacht Design Forum, 25th – 26th June.

The extraordinary career paths of Mackay-Lewis and Carroll have provided a firm foundation for the creation of Pelorus, which places a focus on the experiential aspects of a yacht expedition, designing individual itineraries according to a client’s brief. At The Superyacht Design Forum, Pelorus will be presenting during our session, ‘Designing for Discovery’, where they will discuss the trend for ‘explorer’ yachts, having recently informed SuperyachtNews that they have worked with five yachts thus far and have eight more projects in the pipeline.

Pelorus will examine the ways in which our industry is succeeding in designing yachts that are built for discovery, providing an insight into their recent project with Oceanco, ‘Esquel’. We will then debate the areas for improvement with the design processes for explorer yachts, and how to avoid creating a fashion statement ‘Range Rover’ of the sea.

Prior to co-founding Pelorus, co-founders Mackay-Lewis and Carroll both have extensive careers external to the superyacht industry. Mackay-Lewis, a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and skilled in extreme sports both above and below sea level, has led numerous adventures and expeditions around the world, unearthing lesser-known regions of the planet. Also a fellow of the Royal Geographic society, Carroll is a mountain leader and advanced diver with an equal passion for adventure.

Both Mackay-Lewis and Carroll have served for the British Army, with Mackay-Lewis serving as a Captain in a reconnaissance regiment, and Carroll serving for eight years before being appointed as Expedition Manager for Xtreme Everest 2, the largest medical-research expedition ever conducted on Mount Everest.

Join the discussion, and have your say during The Superyacht Design Forum, 25th – 26th June, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. Remaining tickets are available here.

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