Does this sound familiar - always rushing around the Boat Shows to meet someone on the other side of the port, waving to a contact you haven't seen since last year and always insisting "we must get together", or sitting in a meeting looking over your client's shoulder just in case someone more important or interesting walks by?

You either love Boat Shows or hate them...

However, the thing is, all we really want is an opportunity to spend quality time with quality clients in a relaxed businesslike environment. So, once you've got back from the Boat Show, rested your sore feet and tried to catch up on all your emails, click on the following link "The Superyacht Forum" to register your place and discover an alternative to walking the docks.

Spend quality time with 900 industry leaders, decision makers, owners representatives, captains, advisors and experts in a private and exclusive environment, with powerful networking, serious debate and a VIP social programme.

When you attend The Superyacht Forum, it's not about how many are in the crowd, but who's in the crowd.

Building on the successes of 2017, this year’s programme promises to be more dynamic, targeted and focussed than ever before. This year’s event has one very clear objective: to outline and improve “The Perfect Customer Journey” – and the programme is available to view online now.

Rather than spend three days just discussing technology, business and management topics, we have developed a clear modus operandi for The Superyacht Forum 2018: mapping out “The Perfect Customer Journey”. In addition to our typically high-calibre speakers discussing the most pertinent issues in the market, we are building a series of topics, workshops and keynotes that are all analysing the current customer experience, and proposing optimal ways of engaging and connecting with the customer of tomorrow. Expect keynotes from owners who are investing new business models, Investors who are exploring ways of re-building the market, and Innovators who are reinventing Customer Journeys. From outside superyachting, a series of inspirational thinkers will joins us to challenge the way we sell and market our unique world.

If you love spending quality time with quality clients, this may be a refreshing change.

We hope to see you in Amsterdam in November (12th - 14th).

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