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The interiors designed by Tiziana Vercellesi are sophisticated projects that bring exclusively created pieces to suit each of the Client’s individual requirements and wishes. Every new project is a challenge expressed without limits driving the Architect and the entire team to identify with the Client's visions to get something unique, elegant and timeless with a strong presence of the Italian taste. Tailoring bespoke interiors, quality, function and aesthetics all play an equal vital role in the projects to bring a sense of exclusivity and create distinctive spaces for the well-being of the individual. In each project, Tiziana follows a complete process from the organization of the spaces, the design of every piece of furniture deep to all the details, the careful choice of the materials, checking the construction and studying the decoration. Solid experience, knowledge of the materials, the traditional techniques, the latest technologies and a network of highly skilled artisans and artist are the essential components of the whole work of Tiziana. 



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