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The core of the Ferretti strategy is a drive for constant innovation and performance improvement of its products. For this reason the Engineering Division was created in 1989, conceived and enthusiastically promoted by Chairman Norberto Ferretti as a specialist centre equipped with cutting edge technology, unique in the international nautical world.

The Engineering Division, led since the time of its launch by Andrea Frabetti, was renamed AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology) in 2006. Now, around twenty years on, it is acknowledged as one of the world’s most advanced naval research and design centres, with a team of around 90 engineers and designers engaged in a relentless search for innovative products and processes, based on excellence and maximum reliability.

AYT, based in Forlì, handles coordination of the design and engineering departments of the various group’s brands, managing the skills within them. This is possible thanks to a sophisticated information network that links all Ferretti departments, facilitating the exchange of information and allowing departments to easily share data and experience.

AYT is a unique, tightly-knit team organised around competence platforms, each dedicated to specific aspect of designs, from Electronic Equipment, Hull Design and Fibreglass Structure and Composition to technical and electrical systems, 3D modelling, Naval Register and Certification, Management, Planning and budget for projects and products in development, Bill of Material Management and managerial and database processes, to name but a few. Each platform interfaces with professionals working with Ferretti’s single brands on the different aspects of design, providing 360 degree coordination of the product development process.

AYT is therefore a highly specialised, skilled network that supports, consolidates and develops the entire Ferretti structure. It also works in close collaboration with partner technology companies, developing increasingly innovative, customized and exclusive systems that give Ferretti products their unmistakeable quality, look and flair. In a sector where technology is a vital element, this is where Ferretti’s technical excellence begins.



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