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Hermitage welcomes you to its world. Familiar only to an elite class globally, Hermitage offers an outstanding and unrivalled range of bespoke luxury and lifestyle products. Our prestigious silverware, crystalware, chinaware, luxury linens, home furniture, exclusive gifts and objets d'art are crafted by experts whose artisan skills are handed down from generation to generation, guaranteeing the highest quality that is synonymous with the Hermitage name. Our designers and craftsmen work in synergy to create the most sought-after collections of bespoke handmade table top service items. An exclusive partner whose prestigious designs and master craftsmanship produce the finest creations for all your interior decoration needs.





Name:Francesco Sandrini
Tel:+33 6 3889 8681

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Table Top Decor

Hermitage bespoke table top décor collection comprises handcrafted silverware, hand-decorated crystalware, superior fabrics made from the finest cotton a…

Press Release 26 Feb 2016

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