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GLADSTONE PARK CHEFS specialises in chefs for yachts who have worked in Michelin Star or 5 Star establishments, usually in senior roles.
If you eat at El Bulli, The Fat Duck, or The French Laundry on shore, why should you settle for anything less when you are on board?
GLADSTONE PARK CHEFS has a growing reputation for fulfilling almost impossible briefs. We have been asked to find Michelin Star trained chefs who can cook Kosher or Asian Fusion Cuisine. ( They were the easy ones! ). We have also been asked to supply Michelin Star trained chefs who can cook Indian and Rustic Italian cuisine. We found more than one of both, in  record time too.
There are some great chefs already on the yacht circuit, some of whom we have placed, including one who was trained solely at 1, 2 and 3 Michelin Star establishments. What GLADSTONE PARK CHEFS is able to do is introduce new blood. Just imagine what a talking point it would be if you were able to say that you had employed a Marco Pierre White, a Gordon Ramsay or a Heston Blumenthal at the beginning of their career.
Because GLADSTONE PARK CHEFS has over 50 years at the top end of the industry, a lot of Michelin Starred Chefs are friends as much as clients and uniquely placed to recommend their best of their protoges to us.
However we also understand that management and organisational skills are just as important, as it is clearly no good trying to call a supplier in mid Pacific or Mid Atlantic!
So long as we have agreed a schedule with you, in advance, we are happy to offer a 24/7 service for when you are on the opposite end of the world.
We have enjoyed telling you about GLADSTONE PARK CHEFS and we look forward to hearing from you as to how we may learn a little about you and be of service.



1 Crouch Street
OX16 9pp


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