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MASTERBROKERAGE, thanks to the continuous attendance of Marinas, the careful exam of the market and the constant exchange of information with the main players of yachting, is a point of reference in selling of motor yachts.

MASTERBROKERAGE focuses on the selection of motor yachts that are already on market and the acquisition of new opportunities exclusively for sale.

MASTERBROKERAGE believes in “experience can’t be bought” motto and today can give its customers the great knowledge acquired through years of work: to grow in its business, Masterbrokerage has always been inspired by the greatest yacht brokers, has never been tempted by shortcuts, by unclear situations and has never believed those who promised easy earnings.

MASTERBROKERAGE is an important society with an organizational structure adaptable to the flexibility of the yachting market, a market where competition is at highest level and where the goods sold are the maximum expression of luxury!


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